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Top 6 upcoming Royal Enfield Bikes in 2022

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Royal Enfield has had a busy two years, with the introduction of two new important motorcycles, the Meteor 350 and Classic 350. Both of these motorcycles have an entirely new chassis and engine, but they retain their retro appeal. The trend will continue into next year.

Based on several spied models spotted on the road, as well as RE’s own unveilings, we’ve compiled a list of these upcoming models below. Many of these motorcycles may only be available in other countries, but some are certain to be available in India.

These motorcycles are scheduled to arrive in India in 2022:

1) Royal Enfield Scram

Royal Enfield

The Scram will be the year’s first launch. This Himalayan-based motorcycle will be marketed as a city bike. Despite the Scram’s resemblance to the ADV, the 19-inch front wheel, new color schemes, and decreased kerb weight is expected to attract a new set of purchasers. The bike is anticipated to be powered by the same engine as the Himalayan, so expect similar performance.

  • Expected launch date = 2022 (Jan)
  • Expected price = Rs.1.90 lakhs

2) Royal Enfield

J1C1 (Hunter)

Royal Enfield

The J1C1 is the code name for Royal Enfield’s entry-level model. This yet-to-be-named brand will be launched in India this year, and its design and price point will help the brand gain market share. For the time being, this bike is rumored to be called Hunter. However, at the time of launch, it may be given a new name.

This bike will be powered by the same engine as the Classic 350 and Meteor 350. In fact, the majority of the cycle components will be the same. However, the design language will position it as a laid-back urban modern retro motorcycle.

  • Expected launch date = 2022 (Mid)
  • Expected price = Rs.1.80 lakhs

J1C2 (Classic)

Royal Enfield

When it is released, the J1C2 motorcycle will be the most affordable Royal Enfield. In fact, this motorcycle is expected to cost less than Rs 1.30 lakh ex-showroom. This bike will be similar to the J1C1, but with lower-cost parts. It will have spoke wheels and a simpler design. With this new motorcycle, Royal Enfield hopes to increase showroom traffic.

  • Expected launch date = 2022 (Mid)
  • Expected price = Rs.1.30 lakhs

3) Super Meteor

Royal Enfield

In 2022, the Super Meteor will make its global debut. It was supposed to be released late last year, but it was pushed back to 2022. This cruiser is built on the 650cc parallel-twin platform from the company. The Super Meteor will resemble a larger version of the Meteor 350. As a result, expect larger body panels, better cycle parts, and, of course, increased performance. Royal Enfield is putting a lot of money into the Super Meteor because it has a lot of international appeals.

  • Expected launch date = 2022
  • Expected price = Rs.2.50 lakhs

4) Royal Enfield Meteor Bobber Edition

Royal Enfield

The Super Meteor is set to make its global premiere next year. The debut date and price have yet to be announced. The Super Meteor will be the company’s third motorbike built on the 650 parallel-twin platforms. After the Meteor 350, this large cruiser will be the second of its sort. The engine power should be similar to the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650. RE’s overseas clients will be the primary target market for this new motorcycle.

  • Expected launch date = 2022
  • Expected price = Rs.3.0 lakhs

5) Royal Enfield Shotgun 650

Royal Enfield

The name Shotgun has been patented by Royal Enfield, and we believe it will be used on one of its next 650cc motorcycles. We’d seen a 650cc engine used in a traditional cruiser a few times before, and the bike was expected to be called the Roadster 650. This bike had a more traditional appearance, with upright riding ergonomics, no windshield, and blacked-out peashooter exhausts.

It’s possible that this is the Shotgun 650. Royal Enfield is expected to ride both of these new 650s in early 2022. If our calculations are correct, the Shotgun 650 might cost roughly Rs 3 lakh.

  • Expected launch date = 2022
  • Expected price = Rs.3.50 lakhs

6) Royal Enfield Classic Bobber Edition

Royal Enfield

In 2022, RE will release its fourth new 350cc motorbike, the Classic 350 Bobber. This is the bobber-styled version of the Classic 350, as the name suggests. It’s likely to take design ideas from the Concept KX 838, which debuted at the 2019 EICMA. This motorbike, codenamed J1H, will include a single-seat, as well as a large and tall handlebar and spoke-styled alloy wheels. The ultimate product is still up in the air.

  • Expected launch date = 2022 (End)
  • Expected price = Rs.2.0 lakhs

Frequently Asked Questions about Upcoming Royal Enfield Bikes

  1. What are the upcoming Royal-Enfield bikes in India 2022 Year?

    Royal Enfield Scram, Royal Enfield 2021 Bullet 350 Bobber Edition, Royal Enfield Hunter 350, Royal Enfield Super Meteor, and others are among the upcoming bikes in India.

  2. What are the next Royal Enfield motorcycles that cost less than 1 lakh?

    There are no future Royal Enfield motorcycles priced under one lakh rupees.

  3. In India, what are the future Royal Enfield cruiser bikes?

    Royal Enfield Scram, Royal Enfield 2021 Bullet 350 Bobber Edition, Royal Enfield Super Meteor, and Royal Enfield Hunter 350 are the upcoming Royal Enfield cruiser bikes.

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