Best bike for a long drive in India 2023

Every bike ride dreams to go on a long drive. The feeling of a ride from one place to another is valuable.

In the Indian market, many motorcycles are available for a long ride, for example, Royal Enfield, Jawa, Bajaj, etc., a lot of motorcycles are available and just to make sure that you’re comfortable on your trip we’ve listed the best bikes for a long drive.

Best bikes for long rides

Long journeys necessitate comfort, which comes from a comfortable seating position. The best choice is a bike with an upright riding position, such as a cruiser or a naked bike, sometimes known as a streetfighter. It is never a good idea to ride a sports bike because it might be a terrifying experience.

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I mentioned including bike sound in the article.

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#1 Meteor 350

The Royal Enfield Meteor is a cruiser bike that may be ridden on long distances. The Royal Enfield provides a comfortable riding position, together with forward-set footpads, and upward-right bars, on well-gentled seats.

Projector headlamps with dual-channel ABS increase stability and safety of riding. The heart of the meteor is a 350cc, air-cooled engine, the engine generates power 20.2 bhp @ 6200 rpm and 27 @ 4000 rpm of torque and come with a 5-speed constant mish gearbox.

Meteor 350 Sound

– Meteor 350 Price –

INR 1,94,537* – INR 2,14,513*

#2 Interceptor 650

The Royal Enfield another model Interceptor 650 is comfortable riding a long distance. The Interceptor offers a comfortable upright imposing riding style due to its huge supported handlebar. The ergonomic triangle formed by the handlebar, low seat and footpeg position is set up for comfort with a slight sports bias, allowing the rider to take advantage of the nimble chassis and feel naturally linked to the bike.

The heart of the Interceptor is a 648cc, air/oil-cooled engine, the engine generates a maximum power of 47 bhp @ 7150 rpm and the maximum torque is 52 Nm @ 5250 rpm.

#2 Interceptor 650 Sound

– Interceptor 650 Price –

INR 2,80,424* – INR 3,02,568*

#3 Continental GT650

The look of the new Continental GT650 is similar to that of its predecessors, yet it is a completely new motorbike. Its ergonomic design helps in quick access to the clip-on handlebars, resulting in the best balance of steering sensation and comfort. The rear-seat footrests increase cornering clearance by canting the rider forward, giving them a sporty ‘at-one sensation with the GT, making it entertaining for a fast spin or scratching down their favorite neighborhood roads.

The heart of the Interceptor is a 648cc, air/oil-cooled engine, the engine generates a maximum power of 47 bhp @ 7150 rpm and the maximum torque is 52 Nm @ 5250 rpm.

Continental GT650 Sound

– Continental GT650 Price –

INR 2,97,020* – INR 3,20,157*

long drive

#1 Jawa Standard

A timeless vintage is something that has stood the test of time. No matter where everything travels, it always feels completely at home. Meet Jawa, the newest member of the Jawa family. The Jawa mixes vintage class and contemporary engineering for a vintage design and a drive more than any other, thanks to its polished chrome & classic contours. The 50s style is every bit as rugged and reliable as the vintage, thanks to uncompromised build quality and excellent Italian engineering. You’ve likely heard the tales.

The heart of the Jawa Standard is a 293cc, liquid-cooled engine, the engine generates a maximum power of 27.33 bhp and the maximum torque is 27.02 Nm.

Jawa Standard Sound

– Jawa Standard Price –

INR 1,87,357* – INR 1,96,327*

#2 Jawa 42

That’s a Jawa, to be sure, but it really is unlike every other Jawa you’ve ever seen. It has the same tough dependability as before, but with a more contemporary appearance. The Forty-Two marks a stunning new adventure in Jawa history, from its excellent matte finish to dazzling chrome trim a fresh invitation to the freedom of the wide road.

The Forty-Two is always testing the boundaries, combining fine Italian engineering with renowned Jawa build quality to deliver the ultimate motorcycle feel, complete with dreamlike handling, smooth acceleration, and tight braking. You’re the only thing that really is missing.

The heart of the Jawa 42 is a 293cc, liquid-cooled engine, the engine generates a maximum power of 27.33 bhp and the maximum torque is 27.02 Nm.

Jawa 42 Sound

– Jawa 42 Price –

INR 1,66,657* – INR 1,93,337*

#3 Jawa Perak


Jawa Perak is fitted with standard halogen lights throughout, excluding the tail light, which really is LED. The instrument cluster, which has been lifted from the Jawa Standard, is a round unit with a tiny digital unit for the odometer. The motorbike is equipped with telescopic forks in front and a Mono-shock mount beneath the seat in the back. Each end has disc brakes, which are aided by dual-channel ABS.

The heart of the Jawa 42 is 334cc, liquid-cooled engine, the engine generates a maximum power of 30.64 bhp and the maximum torque is 32.74 Nm.

Jawa Perak Sound

– Jawa Perak Price –

INR 2,09,186*

Which is the best long drive bike in 350cc?

Unlike most other motorcycles, traveling a looooong motorcycles are constructed to be ridden for lengthy periods of time. Lengthy driving motorcycles were originally only known as cruisers with panniers plus saddlebags since they were designed for longer travels.
1. Meteor 350
2. Jawa Perak
3. Jawa 42

Which bike is good for long distances?

So, adventurers here is our selection of the finest bikes for a long journey in India in 2021-2022, which will more than satisfy your desire to travel the nation on two wheels.
1. Interceptor 650
2. Jawa Standard


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