Audi will cease production of internal combustion engines in 2033

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Audi is one of the pioneers of electric vehicles and the German luxury carmaker has announced Vorsprung 2030, a new corporate strategy that basically means Headstart 2030. More importantly, with this new strategy, Audi has a clear time frame for moving from brand to brand.

By 2026, only electric vehicles will be introduced. The production of ICE vehicles is expected to be completed in 2033. Additional attention is paid to software and autonomous technologies: Audi has announced a release date for its ICE vehicles.

Only electric vehicles will be presented. The company also announced that it will stop producing internal combustion engines by 2033. Of course, Audi will keep this car for the rest of its life.

Audi Vorsprung 2030 – [what is it]

Audi’s new corporate strategy is based on the old motto of the company “Vorsprung Durch Technik“, which means progress through technology. Audi’s board of directors spent several months developing this new strategy to ensure the future vitality of the company in all aspects of production.

In announcing the new strategy, Audi President Markus Düsmann said: To keep the world moving, you must be consistent and efficient. Audi’s head of strategy, Silja Pie, and a team of approximately 500 employees from the US and China analyzed more than 600 people today and made a multi-month forecast to predict global mobility trends for 2030.

Sectors that may be relevant to your company. The team saw incremental changes in sales and profits. For example, we will first move from internal combustion vehicles to electric vehicles, and then to software and services, as self-government offers more growth potential.

The electric vehicles of the future Audi will have a different DNA

Going forward, Audi will strive to differentiate its electric vehicles from its competitors by focusing more on quality and design. At the heart of the project is Audi DNA, where the company is working on technical details such as steering angle, hand clutch, and acoustic requirements to create that unique Audi experience. for your clients.

Oliver Hoffmann, Audi’s Board Member for Technology Development, said: “By the way, this also applies to highly automated driving. “Audi also announced that CARIAD, the group’s software division, will play a key role in Strategy 2030 by 2025 with a single operating system and cloud connectivity for all Volkswagen Group brands. Develop scalable software platforms.

This new strategy will change dramatically. Not only is the company’s automotive portfolio but also in the way Audi operates as a brand. The existing ICE vehicle portfolio, which is basically Audi like the A4 and A6, could be next-generation upgrades before they are developed. The ICE platform will shut down completely after 2026.

Similar strategies for competing brands

Audi and several other automakers have announced clear timelines for their move to electric vehicles. Earlier this year, Jaguar announced a new “Reimagine” strategy. All Jaguar and Land Rover models will be available in an all-electric version by the end of 2010, and Jaguar will become the luxury electric vehicle brand by 2025.

Land Rover, on the other hand, will offer six vehicle options. Over the next five years, the first electric Land Rover will be launched in 2024. Mercedes-Benz also announced an ambitious plan for electricity consumption by 2030, “if market conditions permit.”

Mercedes has been offering EVs for all segments since 2022 and is aiming to have an EV option on all models by 2025. Specifically, by 2025, the company promises to launch four completely new platforms for electric vehicles and build eight new battery factories around the world.

Audi India

Audi started with the e-Tron SUV and e-Tron Sportback in India and will continue to look at this line as an extension of the e-Tron GT in the coming months. Electric vehicles are expected to be sold in India by 2025. In line with its global strategy, the automaker will release more e-Tron models next year.

As such, the German brand already has the Q4 e-Tron in its global portfolio and the A6 and V6 e-Tron are also in development. The automaker also said it would consider holding a local EV conference if it hit its target of 15% of all EVs sold by 2025.

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