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2021 Audi e-tron first test India test drive review

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The Audi e-Tron was assembled in 2019 and will be launched in India that same year. However, due to pandemic delays caused by supply chain disruption, the all-electric Audi SUV has its first advantage over the Mercedes EQC launched in 2020 and the first Jaguar I-Pace launched this year. However, with India’s growing market recognition and electric vehicle use, these delays could benefit Audi. Audi has launched two variants: the e-Tron 55 and the e-Tron 55 Sportback, the first all-electric SUVs with a 95 kWh battery. So, while the e-Tron is what Audi calls the future, the future looks dramatically “modern” to us and everything about the e-Tron, including the driving experience, is unimaginable. Making Audi a Great Audi


The e-Tron is based on the heavily modified MLB Evo platform and also supports Q5 and Q7. With a length of 5 m, a width of approximately 2 m, and a wheelbase of 2.9 m, the 5-seater e-Tron rivals the 7-seater Q7 and has distinct dimensional advantages over its competitors. Audi used the e-Tron to bring more traditional models (inside and outside) to life, but without shouting “electric” in the design language.


This is done to create the feeling of buying a house while switching from an internal combustion engine to an electric vehicle. The headlights are mounted on large hexagonal surfaces similar to the Audi grille painted in gray. Bright headlights and 20-inch wheels add flavor to the design. In India, there is a standard outside mirror setup, not outside, which is impressive, as seen in international reruns.

The 20-inch alloy wheels look great and match the e-Tron design. Audi introduced a unique charging box on the side of the car and, interestingly, how the electric soft top opens in touch mode. button. When the button is pushed down, the electric identification number, green license plate (for Indian electric vehicles), the e-Tron logo, and orange accents on the calipers are completely ignored.


As with most of Audi’s new flagship models, the interior appearance is defined by two large touchscreens. One is for the infotainment system, while the lower section is equipped with air conditioning. The screen looks bright, especially at night, but it is also an important fingerprint magnet. The rest of the rooms are usually Audi-like. This means everything you touch or install, from the wipers/turn signals to the exterior mirror controls, feels high quality.

Audi e-tron

They do not stretch into space. The size of this car is actually quite large, which makes it a spacious and comfortable environment. The front seats are large and comfortable, and the e-Tron is so wide that the seats are quite spacious. Again, there is ample leg and shoulder room in the back, and the rear seats offer the same level of support and great cushioning throughout. The relatively small windows make the claustrophobic third-row seats less bulky. Thankfully, the lack of a transmission tunnel provides more legroom for the middle passenger, but the rear climate control panel still compromises knee room.

Highlighting Features

Audi e-tron

The e-Tron digital matrix LED headlights have a clever trick. Not only does it light up the road very well, but it also keeps the theater light up every time you lock or unlock your car. The equipment list includes 20-inch wheels, a panoramic sliding roof, an Audi virtual cockpit (fully digital instrument cluster), one screen for the infotainment system, and one screen for weather control, both with tactile feedback. 4-zone automatic climate control, air suspension, wireless charging, wired Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, 360-degree camera, air purifier and perfume, exterior lighting, electric tailgate, Bang Premium audio system, Olufsen 705W, 16 speakers, some too … standard equipment. Features like ventilated seats, wireless phone connectivity, and car connectivity are missing. To name a few, the panoramic roof does not fully retract, so users are looking for more detailed and interesting information related to electric vehicles on the screen. A brief description of the simplified screen is provided.

Engine performance

The E-Tron 55 is powered by a 95 kWh battery. This battery pack powers two vehicles, one for each axle. In the sportiest configuration, the e-Tron produces 408 hp. / 664 Nm, 184 hp front and 224 hp. behind. However, in other modes, the e-Tron produces 360 hp. / 561 Nm (170 hp front, 190 hp rear). You will be immediately impressed by the smooth response of the electric motor when bending your right leg. And Audi will also forgive the lack of standard towing capabilities.

Take it a little further and you will understand the importance of the instant electric moments. Just bend your right leg and avoid slow traffic jams with incredible excitement for a 2.6 ton SUV. Acceleration is strong and linear, and the ease with which the e-Tron accelerates quietly and smoothly is almost an event. Interestingly, the e-Tron buzzes through an external speaker to signal its presence to pedestrians and other road users. When shifting from D to S, this Audi produces an additional 48 hp. / 103 Nm from the loader. super-fast acceleration mode. At its top speed, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in an incredibly fast 5.58 seconds and reaches a top speed of 207 km / h while standing on the ground.

E-Tron has two power refresh settings: manual and automatic. At first glance, the intuition of the automatic mode is impressive. This can cause the vehicle to skid, increase the distance, or charge and slow down, depending on driving style and battery level. You can also drag the left paw if you need to slow it down. It increases the recuperation rate and decelerates the vehicle by simulating engine braking. You can disable manual playback or set the 2. preset level. It is interesting to note that wheel brakes usually only work when decelerating rapidly by 0.3 g or more, even when the brake pedal is depressed.

Load and range

Audi e-Tron

In standard tests, the e-tron 55 on a city bike and 382 km on a highway on a full charge. If the load is very low, there is a “stand-alone” option. This eliminates the need for air conditioning, reduces energy consumption and limits the top speed to 90 km / h. This adds 40-60 km of autonomy. This is 11 kW AC wall charger from Audi. 90% (10-100%) of the e-tron battery charges in approximately 8 hours. I also connected it to a 25 kW Tata Power DC fast charger. It is offered for a fee of 106 rupees, which allows you to increase the distance by 25-30 km in just 15 minutes. The average fare is around Rs 750 per car. Top up (0-100%) taking into account the electricity bill Rs 8 per unit.

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Audi e-tron Specs

Fuel Type / PropulsionElectric
Electric motor power (hp)360hp (408hp in boost)
Electric motor torque (Nm)561Nm (664Nm in boost)
Battery capacity95kWh
Battery typeLithium-ion
Drive LayoutAll-Wheel Drive
Gearbox TypeAutomatic
No of Gears1
Front Tyre255/50 R20
Rear Tyre255/50 R20
Type of power assistElectric

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