Latest NCAP Latin Results: New Renault Duster and Suzuki Swift Zero Star

The latest results from Latin NCAP, a new automotive assessment program for Latin America and the Caribbean, were released today with disappointing zero stars on the Renault New Duster and Suzuki Swift. NCAP Latin requires an immediate fix.

Suzuki Swift passed the NCAP crash test

Result: Details

The Suzuki Swift made in India and Japan, with two airbags as standard achieved zero stars. The Swift has passed the NCAP Latin crash test and is equipped with two airbags. According to Latin NCAP, these results apply to hatchbacks and sedans (Dzire). In crash tests, the Swift scored 15.53% (6.21 points) protection for adult passengers and 0% (0 points) protection. from children. Protection of users from pedestrian and public road traffic risks 66.07% (31.71 points), security system 6.98% (3 points).

According to Latin NCAP, the zero-star results show poor side protection, fewer whiplash accidents, no standard side airbags, no ESC, and the presence of hip belts instead of a three-point center section in the rear seats. This is because Suzuki does not recommend a CRS (child seat). NCAP Latin also claims that head and neck protection for drivers and passengers is good, but that the protection of the driver’s chest is insufficient.

In addition, the driver’s knee and one of the passenger’s knees can interfere with the structure behind the dashboard, providing little protection. On the other hand, the other passenger’s knee protection is good, the head and hip protection are good at the sides, the belly protection is good, but the chest protection is weak, so the score in this test is 0. Buckets are generally considered unstable along the edges due to their asymmetry, and Swift is not considered capable of handling additional loads.

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Renault Duster passed the NCAP crash test

Result: Details

The Renault Duster, manufactured in Latin America and Romania and equipped with dual airbags and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) as standard, achieves zero-star thanks to the latest Latin NCAP protocol. Popular SUVs accounted for 29.47% of boxes for adults, 22.93% of boxes for children, 50.79% of boxes for unprotected pedestrians and road users, and 34.88% of safety boxes.

The new Duster for Latin America lacks side and head airbags like the models marketed under the Dacia brand in Europe. In a head-on collision, the model exhibits frame instability and fuel leakage. Side crash tests showed a high permeability of the B-pillar and door opening during the test. The vehicle fails the UN95 test if the door is opened in a Latin NCAP side crash test with the same configuration as UN95 rules.

In addition, a fuel leak detected by Renault during a frontal collision test was able to solve not only production problems but also recall all units sold in the market and damaged fuel tanks. Likewise, if Renault takes immediate action in the event of an adverse event, there is a serious risk of an evacuation requiring the door to be opened in the event of a side impact.


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