Yamaha FZ-X Full Audit Review Report

Since the bike was launched two years ago, enthusiasts have been hoping the company will bring the luxurious XSR155 to India. Of course, Yamaha listened to all of these people, but I’d rather build an Indian bike based on a simpler XSR than later introduce a more expensive XSR (based on the R15 platform). , the cheapest and best-selling free zone. So I came to the FZ-X, a leather bike that almost looks like a standard FZ.

The all-new Yamaha FZ-X has arrived in India as a crossover motorcycle inspired by neo-retro design thinking. The Yamaha FZ-X inspires a new generation of riders with positive features that enhance its unique ride and classic look. At the same time, the strength, design, comfort, connectivity, and safety of this new motorcycle give you freedom in every ride.


A lot can be said about the above, but the FZ-X is a similar product, but quite different from the FZ inventory. -Functional LED surrounded by three elegant points. There’s a nice radiator cap around the broken fuel tank, but it’s so aesthetic that the bike doesn’t run out of cooling.

At the rear, a long bench and elegant LED taillights become easier. Yamaha has installed at least one new subframe. Yamaha has equipped the bicycle with a new LCD screen. It looks great, and it can also display some detailed information from phone notifications via Bluetooth. If you pay an extra 3,000 rupees for the top model, FZX will be compatible with Yamaha’s new Connect Bluetooth app, which includes features such as fuel economy and service reminders. Unfortunately, this application does not yet support turn-by-turn navigation.

There are some other issues, including the lack of a gear indicator on the new display. Then there is this practical but very useful handrail, which can be removed if needed. The last is the hinge joint. The fuel tank cap is just fine. On the other hand, this bike has a convenient 12 V socket.

FZX is available in two other colors, including a particularly eye-catching blue. In general, the ratio looks quite awkward. Personally, as shown in the photo. Thanks to the new wide fuel tank, this bike looks quite large but compared to the standard FZ’s 13 liters, it can only hold 10 liters.

Yamaha FZ-X


The instrument’s slim and elegant LCD display is a combination of traditional and modern designs. The speedometer display has an analog view, showing the speed in a circle. The screen can also accurately and beautifully display smartphone notifications.

Yamaha FZ-X

Under Cowl not only gives the bicycle a new retro look but also protects the engine at all times on all types of roads. The side stand will automatically shut down the engine when activated to improve safety for the rider.


The FZX is powered by an air-cooled 149 cc single-cylinder engine with two valves. Internal gear and sprocket size. Refer to the air-cooled and smooth-running 5-speed gearbox. Time is a shame. Unsurprisingly, if you have the slightest interest in speed and excitement, then this bike is not worth considering. Fast overtaking requires one or two downshifts and full throttle.

Any speed exceeding 80 km/h seems very difficult, and the true top speed is unlikely to exceed 100-110 km/h.On the other hand, Yamaha has adjusted the exhaust system to a deeper and more vivid exhaust sound than the standard FZ. It’s a bit like the sound made by the Honda CB350, but it’s certainly not that loud or obvious.

The significant power loss and speed increase above 6000 rpm is practically meaningless. However, the engine runs quietly and adjusts at normal operating speeds, and has a very powerful mid-range frequency, making it an excellent city bike.


The single-channel ABS and Front disc-brake with 2-pot Caliper make certain pinpoint breaking with advanced stability.

The seat on the FZ-X uses a tuck and roll style that crests and valleys making a slip-resistant feel that’s each comfy and steady

additionally to adding to its formidable street presence, these tires boost the handling and allows sensible riding comfort across highways, busy town streets and rough and wet roads.

The front fork is fitted with a fork boot that gives protection against tube scratches or dents whereas adding a glance of old-school authenticity.


Yamaha obviously relies on the comfort and practicality of FZX. Compared with FZ, the ergonomics are easier, the handlebars are taller, the front pedals are more, and the seats are wider and more spacious. It is slightly elevated, but at 810mm, most riders should still be able to get started easily. The feeling of FZX on the road is mainly light and soft.

This is because components such as the fuel tank, fake radiator cover, front fender, headlight bracket, and the delicate shield below are now all metal. The actual braking force is sufficient. The rear disc is standard, and FZX is equipped with single-channel ABS.

The FZX may look like a scrambler, but its true off-road capability is almost the same as the standard FZ. Suspension travel and ground clearance remain the same, the only difference is the extra grip of the tires in the mud.


Engine TypeAir-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Displacement149 cc
Maximum Horse Power9.1 kW / 7,250 rpm
Maximum torque13.3 N.m / 5,500 r/min
Starting system typeElectric Starter
Fuel tank capacity10 L
Transmission typeConstant-mesh, 5-speed
Front SuspensionTelescopic Fork, 41mm Inner Tube Diameter, with Fork Boot
Rear Suspension7-Step Adjustable Monocross Suspension
HeadlightBi-Functional LED

Other Information

ClockDigital, Auto Adjust with Smart Phone Connectivity
Instrument ClusterNegative LCD with Smart Phone Connectivity
ECO indicatorEquipped
Power SocketEquipped
Bluetooth (Yamaha Motorcycle Connect)*Equipped
Side Stand Engine Cut-Off SwitchEquipped

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