2021 New Yamaha FZ-X is launched in India at Rs 1.17 lakh

Yamaha India has launched the new Yamaha FZ-X, a new retro commuter motorcycle based on the 149cc Yamaha FZ series. The starting price of the new Yamaha FZ-X is Rs 1,16,800 (ex-showroom). Yamaha FZ-X has gained some brand new features, such as the Bluetooth-enabled Yamaha Connect application to connect with smartphones.

FZ-X is available in two models, the standard model is priced at 1,16,800 rupees (in front of the exhibition hall), and the FZ-X with smartphone connection function is priced at 119,800 rupees (in front of the exhibition hall). The new FZ-X with the Yamaha Connect app provides a series of functions through the communication control unit, including incoming call reminders, SMS reminders on the dashboard, and other app functions, including positioning, battery level indication, fuel consumption, and fault alarms, and Service and oil change reminders.

– Yamaha FZ-X chassis –

Under the new body, FZ-X and FZ are the same. The motorcycle adopts a single lower tube frame, which is suspended by a telescopic fork and an adjustable preload single shock absorber. The curb weight of the FZ-X is 139 kg, which is 4 kg heavier than the standard FZ. The seat height of the FZ-X has also increased by 20 mm, reaching 810 mm. FZ and FZ-X use 17-inch alloy wheels, while the latter’s wheels are equipped with patterned tires.

– Yamaha FZ-X Features –

Other features include dual-function LED headlights with daytime running lights (DRL), a newly designed negative LCD console with power sockets, and LED taillights. There is also an engine cut-off switch on the side bracket of the bicycle, Bosch’s single-channel ABS, and tubeless tires on 17-inch wheels. FZ-X is available in three attractive colors, metallic blue, matte copper, and matte black.

– Yamaha FZ-X Engine –

However, the engine is the same 149cc single cylinder, so it may have the same specifications, with a maximum output of 12.4PS at 7,250rpm and a maximum torque of 13.3Nm at 5,500rpm. The basic frame is the same as the Yamaha FZ model. The curb weight of the Yamaha FZ-X is 139 kg.

Yamaha FZ-X has a new retro design language. According to Yamaha India, market research shows that consumers need a durable 150cc motorcycle that is suitable for travel and urban use. According to Yamaha, the new FZ-X is equipped with a full range of features including connectivity and advanced features, which may make it an attractive option in the 150cc segment. Yamaha FZ-X can be ordered and purchased online, or delivered to your door. Yamaha India will also combine with the launch of FZ-X to launch an experiential tour.

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