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Vazirani Automotive, one of India’s imaginative new businesses has divulged a smooth spaceship-looking vehicle, unique, articulation of craftsmanship, Ekonk. Thick Vazirani, Founder, and CEO, has been placed in long stretches of examination to develop a special battery innovation.

Subsequent to working for car-like Rolls-Royce and Jaguar, Chunky Vazirani moved to Mumbai and established Vazirani in 2015. The vision was to make cutting-edge electric vehicles and innovation that would put India on the world guide of outrageous vehicles.

Vazirani Automotive has revealed the Ekonk – an all-new, completely electric, single-seater hypercar. The Ekonk is Vazirani’s subsequent model, after the Shul idea that was displayed in 2018.

  • Weighs simply 738kg and claims a maximum velocity of 309 kph
  • Highlights creative battery cooling technology

Outline the Ekonk, organization organizer Chunky Vazirani says the name means the organization’s genuine start. “In Indian sacred texts, Ekonk connotes the start of the heavenly light – the Big Bang,” he says. “As far as we might be concerned, Ekonk means our genuine start, where, interestingly, plan and advancement meet up. It’s our first vehicle that is alive.”

A significant argument of the Ekonk is the way that it is a solitary seater vehicle. Recently, we detailed that the Ekonk could be a solitary seater, passing by its low weight and the EK lettering as an afterthought, which signifies one in Hindi. This has now been affirmed by the organization.

The Ekonk is supposed to be exceptionally streamlined, with one of the least drag coefficients for vehicles of its sort. That is the justification for its liquid bodywork and covered back tires.

Ekonk’s body development is carbon-fiber, the Ekonk weighs simply 738kg, making it the lightest electric vehicle at any point made, as indicated by the organization. With a power output of 722hp, it’s exceptionally near hitting the 1:1 power-to-weight ratio.

Vazirani Automotive has tried the Ekonk at the as of late initiated NATRAX facility close to Indore, accomplishing a 0-100kph in just 2.54 sec and a maximum velocity of 309kph. Besides, Vazirani means for the Ekonk to be an unadulterated driving encounter, which is the reason electronic driver helps has been forgotten about from the vehicle.

The organization likewise says the Ekonk is furnished with a custom cooling answer for its batteries, which it says draws motivation from biomimicry (concentrating on how creatures and people utilize breathing to control their internal heat levels) and some old Indian assembling methods.


Notwithstanding, the organization has not delivered any subtleties other than the way that it is named DiCo and is a direct-to-air cooling framework instead of fluid cooling, which most EV producers use to keep their batteries cool. Vazirani says this makes the EV lighter, quicker, more secure, and practical. Be that as it may, all the more critically, it is likewise professed to expand the scope of the EV.

After the Shul’s dispatch, the carmaker says the Ekonk may likewise see restricted creation for clients to buy. We trust Vazirani’s courses of events for the Shul and Ekonk aren’t upset any further by the continuous pandemic.

The Vazirani Ekonk had been uncovered a couple of months after Mean Metal Motors exhibited its own EV supercar, the Azani, which packs a 120kWh battery pack. You can peruse more with regards to it here. What’s more, obviously, watch this space for the following declaration about these made-in-India hypercars.

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