Royal Enfield Gritty Gloves

Royal Enfield Gritty Gloves Report

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Royal Enfield has a wide range of gloves, with these new Gritty gloves coming out alongside the new Classic 350s. It’s no surprise that, like most of the company’s lineup, these gloves put style first and foremost. offer a decent level of protection. with a nice price tag. The Gritty gloves are available in only one color palette: brown with some small stripes, one yellow, and one olive green.

It’s a great vintage look that’s eye-catching, yet classy. The only visible mark is a subtle Royal Enfield through the finger guards and you can use these gloves as a stylish companion on any retro motorcycle. Regarding the level of protection, these gloves are best limited for use at city speeds. There is a hard PVC knuckle protector that is neatly encased under a layer of leather, while the palm receives a thin piece of foam padding, which roughly marks the extent of protection offered.

Gloves with short cuffs have a unique velcro closure around the wrist. The whole palm area uses artificial suede material, and the thumb and forefinger of both hands are touchscreen sensitive. These gloves are not ventilated and Royal Enfield says they are intended for mild winter use.

The weather in Mumbai has hardly ever been warm over the past couple of months, but it’s not cold either and I found the gloves comfortable enough for short trips around town, although that can change with the heat, summer.

Still, the fit is pretty good, with no awkward seams or rough-to-feel materials. The big motivation to buy these gloves is the adorable retro-style they offer, as well as the price of Rs 2,500, however, I would jump for more expensive options like the Vamos or Roadbound gloves from the RE range. CE certification and the Knox Scaphoid Protection System – something I know from experience to provide great protection in the event of a fall.



  • 100% Goat Leather (Goat Nappa Conductive and Goat Nappa)
  • Roll PU restricting
  • Microsuede palm fix
  • Tricot inward covering


  • Knuckles: PVC knuckle defenders
  • Palm:5mm elastic wipe (100% PU) for palm support
  • Hold: Microsuede (half polyamide, half polyurethane) palm


  • 100% Leather with stripes for upgraded style
  • Punctured cowhide on knuckles for wind current
  • PVC knuckle defenders for city ride assurance
  • 5mm memory wipe cushioning under knuckles for upgraded insurance
  • 100% PU Velcro to try not to slip


  • Hose a paper towel or clean material
  • Utilize a gentle cleanser to make a foam with the material
  • Rub the gloves with the material delicately
  • Utilize a spotless, soggy fabric to eliminate the cleanser and soil
  • Try not to wash
  • Try not to press the gloves
  • Try not to fade the gloves
  • Try not to wring the gloves
  • Try not to put close to any immediate hotness source or in the sun
  • Dry in conceal

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