The Royal Enfield Continental GT and Hero Xtreme 160R are now electric vehicles

British electromobility innovator Saietta Group, which develops high-performance mass-produced electric motors using Axial Flux Technology (AFT), has tested the technology on a variety of vehicles, including the Hero Xtreme 160R and India’s Royal Enfield. Axial Flux technology for Continental GT motorcycles is considered to be very efficient. Compact and easy-to-integrate EV applications. Hero Xtreme EV has a replaceable battery.

Padmini will work closely with Saietta to bring new opportunities to the Indian electric motorcycle market. Padmini’s customer base includes many motorcycle manufacturers in India including Hero MotoCorp, TVS Motor Company, Bajaj Auto, and Royal Enfield. The site said that the electric vehicle’s engine power has already reached the marine formation.

The advanced AFT electric motors are lightweight and compact, can be easily integrated into a variety of electric vehicles, and have been proven to deliver higher efficiency at the same time. Emission-free vehicles such as scooters, motorcycles, tricycles, and micromotors. Designed to make electric vehicles technically and economically viable, AFT plays an important role in reducing emissions and air pollution in densely populated and densely populated urban areas.

AFT Trials on Indian Motorcycles:

Saietta’s first AFT electric motorcycles, the AFT140 and AFT110, are designed to provide a reliable, low-cost, zero-emission solution while increasing efficiency. Superior performance in urban environments reduces battery capacity and lowers the cost of batteries required in certain areas. For this innovative electric drive.

Saietta replaced the traction clutch lever on an electric motor with an electric brake. This can be used to slow down the repair of the internal battery. “The operation is very intuitive and fun,” said Viker Kist, CEO of Saieta Group, in a video released by the company. For the Hero Xtreme, Saietta has integrated a 48-volt AFT110 electric drive into this 160cc power. Commuter bicycles are popular in the Indian market.

“The most important innovation in this particular prototype is the replaceable battery. We firmly believe that all electrification is about battery replacement solutions, and our job is to prove it. It is very possible and fun. “

Asian car makers’ focus on AFT:

Carmakers are trying to eliminate carbon and develop new cars, but there is a strong demand for more affordable EV technology. Affordable batteries and electric propulsion systems are key to lowering the cost of electric vehicles and making them more widely used. This is an important step for many developing countries and cities suffering from chronic air pollution, especially in Asia.

Two-wheeled, three-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles are the most common modes of transport in the region and are used by millions of people every day. After extensive market research, Sayetta believes the fastest way to tackle the emissions crisis is to provide small internal combustion engines as a viable alternative to electric vehicles.

Due to their size and weight, AFT engines can deliver high torque and maintain high power by adding a simple water cooling system. Perhaps most importantly, it is specifically designed for highly automated production, further reducing costs and providing the perfect combination of practical features at a price affordable for the target market.


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