The Toyota Land Cruiser 70 will receive the 70th Anniversary Edition

The Japanese automaker is celebrating the 70th anniversary of this iconic SUV, and Toyota is in the spotlight with the new Land Cruiser 300. To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Toyota has launched a special Land Cruiser series. This time around, the automaker has unveiled the rugged, retro-styled Land Cruiser 70 series. 3 body styles are available

what is that?

The Anniversary Edition is based on the Land Cruiser 70 series, which was first launched in 1984 and is available in select markets such as Australia and the Middle East. This SUV still has a retro look, first seen in 1984. The Toyota Land Cruiser 70th Anniversary Edition is based on the flagship GXL. Available in French Vanilla, Mellow Red, and Sunny Taupe, as well as 76 and 79 series single and double cabins. 70th Anniversary: ​​320 double cabins, 200 single cabins, and 80 carriages.

Internal/External Spces

Compared to the standard 70s Land Cruiser, the Anniversary Edition is darker and has a new grille with Toyota wordmark instead of the traditional logo. The front bumper and wheel arch trim are also covered. The dark handling has also been improved with 16-inch alloy wheels and headlights, while DLR and fog lights have been upgraded to LED. Finally, there are the Heritage and 70th Anniversary badges that make it a very special Land Cruiser.

The 70th-anniversary model features luxurious black upholstery, a luxurious steering wheel, and a leather gearbox. The lines are adorned with synthetic wood elements with black and silver accents. Toyota has also added some great features such as two additional USB Type-A charging ports, two cupholders in the center console, and four window panes. For safety reasons, some variants have five airbags.

Engine details

Under the hood of the Land Cruiser 70 Anniversary Edition, a 4.5-liter V8 turbodiesel with 202 hp and 430 Nm is installed. The engine was used in the 70s model year after the 2016 refresh and is mated to a five-speed manual transmission that powers all four wheels. Four-wheel drive with low gearbox, locking front and rear differentials, 3500 kg towing force, air vents, and 130-liter fuel tank as standard.

2021 and beyond

Toyota plans to release a new sedan for the Ciaz and a minivan for the Ertiga in the near future. As for the Land Cruiser, the company sold the Land Cruiser 200 in India. The Land Cruiser 70 is not coming to us, but the recently announced Land Cruiser 300 will arrive in India next year.


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