In the latest Indian crash test results, the Toyota Urban Cruiser received 4 stars, while the Hyundai Creta and i20 received three

“Even though the total star rating of these cars appears respectable, Hyundai and Toyota’s ongoing refusal to equip safety features including such ESC and side body & head protection airbags as just a basic requirement for India is disheartening.” As a result, Global NCAP applauds the Indian government’s effort to increase side effect protection requirements, and Global NCAP will upgrade its test methodologies beginning in July. Only if these improved safety features are implemented as standard will the rating assessment be successful.”

“We have seen consistent improvement in the wellbeing rating of models tried in India throughout the most recent six years. It’s been particularly welcome that homegrown automakers in India have ascended to Global NCAP’s wellbeing challenge. Worldwide players like Toyota and Hyundai ought to take cues from them.”

Toyota Urban Cruiser (2 airbags)

Toyota’s Urban Cruiser was tried in its most essential wellbeing spec fitted with 2 front-facing airbags and ABS. During the appraisal it showed a steady design, and satisfactory to great assurance of basic body locales of the grown-ups. The CRS introduced utilizing the ISOFIX moorings showed great assurance of both kid inhabitants. The absence of 3 point belts in all seating positions and the high neck biomechanical values in the front-facing crash make sense for the three stars for kid tenant insurance.

Hyundai Creta (2 airbags)

The Creta was tried in its most fundamental wellbeing spec fitted with 2 front-facing airbags and ABS. It recorded an unsound construction and the gamble of injury to the lower legs and feet of the driver. The absence of ISOFIX jetties and 3 point belts in all seating positions make sense of the youngster tenant assurance results. Worldwide NCAP was astonished to see in such another model the absence of 3 point belts in all seating positions, the absence of ESC, and no side head sway insurance as standard.

Hyundai i20 (2 airbags)

The i20 was tried in its most fundamental wellbeing spec fitted with 2 front-facing airbags and ABS. During the evaluation, it showed a shaky construction, a gamble of the driver airbag not completely safeguarding the driver’s head, and powerless assurance to the driver’s chest. Notwithstanding utilizing the ISOFIX ports to introduce both Child Restraint Systems (CRS) the 3-year-old faker showed a high deceleration in the head during the accident.

It astounded Global NCAP that this model is as yet being sold with a lap belt (all seating positions ought to have 3 point belts) in the back community seat, no ESC, and no side head sway security as standard in contrast with the very model in Europe that offers Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) as standard hardware.


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