In-depth review Benelli TRK 251 on road

The Benelli TRK 251 is an adventure bike in India to direct competition to launch in a Royal Enfield Himalayan. The TRK 251 is the TRK tribe’s younger and the greatest young adventure motorcycle, ready to take you to adventure road.

The stylish high-set twin headlights, visible steel trestle frame, ultra-comfortable riding ergonomics, plush seats, and upswept chrome exhaust pipe are all features of the Benelli TRK 251. The exhaust pipe of the TRK 251 emits a distinctive Benelli Roar and routes the power of a modern new-gen 250cc motor while providing exceptional ground clearance.

Design & Quality

Benelli TRK 251 design and look vise a BMW 1250 GS and Benelli provide a digital console aerodynamic look, don’t feel of this being a cheap motorcycle. The slim tail section is very good, but it’s covered under a rather huge metal rear rack. The user gets equipped with such an LCD display console that provides a clock and basic trip data but does not provide complete trip digital information. There is the practicality of a USB charging plug located on the petrol tank.

The wide of the bodywork doesn’t quite match the engine’s / wheels’ sexiness, but this is a beautiful & eye-catching motorcycle for even the most parts. The TRK appeared to be a big motorcycle because once you are seated on it, it looks lightweight and comfortable, however, the motorcycle is also extremely light to ride because of a kerb weight of around 180kg. The seating position is really comfortable, and the windscreen is doing a good job of preventing wind blasts from impacting a rider’s chest and avoiding uncomfortable helmet buffeting.

Chassis & Dynamics

There are some other aspects as well, such as the fuel tank’s design, which does not feel natural when standing up, or the engine’s absence of bottom protection. I noticed this fuel tank

The brakes are one of the most upsetting aspects. Our test numbers are actually reasonably decent, but the brake sensation is rather harsh, and you have to grip the lever within all five fingers and pull as strongly as you can to get very strong braking. At times, a dual ABS system can be rather invasive. In fact, there were a few times when we were softly braking over some road bumps as well as the ABS came in extremely aggressively. This increased the stopping distance by squeezing the brake lever hard. It’s something Benelli needs to improve on.

Furthermore, the front and rear suspension movement figures – 135mm and 51mm, respectively are typical of a standard street bike. Lastly, there really is no option to disable the rear anti-lock braking, making it more difficult to slow down in time in slippery conditions.

Just on the positive side, this suspension is well-designed and cushions shocks and uneven ground, giving the TRK a very comfortable motorcycle to ride on our roads. When it comes to controlling, it’s a similar experience to the results: the bike is really not afraid to keep a high pace, but it appears less than relaxed and confident when they push for much more in the corners.

Performance & Efficiency

The Benelli TRK 251 provided a 250 cc single-cylinder/4-stock engine. This engine produces a max power of 25 hp/9250 rpm and peak torque is 21.1 Nm/8000 rpm. The engine sounds like every other single-cylinder engine; there’s no wonderful music coming out of the exhaust pipe as you’d expect from Benelli’s parallel-twin engines.

The performance is reasonably decent, at 25.8hp. It is significantly faster than the Royal Enfield Himalayan, which has 24.3 horsepower, and the much lighter Xpulse 200 4V, which has 19.5 horsepower. It’s only a fraction of a second slower than the more powerful KTM 250 Adventure (29.6 horsepower) and Yezdi Adventure (29.7 bhp) in the 0-100kph run.

In terms of fuel economy, our test results were not as impressive as the 14.5 liters provided by the KTM 250 Adventure and 15 liters provided by the Yezdi Adventure. However, because the Benelli has a huge 18-liter petrol tank, it will likely travel further than a single tank.

Benelli TRK 251 and Competitor On Road Price in Chennai

Benelli TRK 251Rs. 2.82 lakh
KTM 250 AdventureRs. 2.35 Lakh
Yezdi AdventureRs. 2.12 – 2.21 Lakh 
Royal Enfield HimalayanRs. 2.14 – 2.22 Lakh 
Hero XPulse 200 4VRs. 1.50 Lakh

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What is Benelli TRK 251 on road price in Chennai?

The ex-showroom price of Benelli TRK 251 in Chennai starts from Rs. 2.82 Lakh.

who are the 2022 benelli TRK 251 Compititors in India?

KTM 250 Adventure
Yezdi Adventure
Royal Enfield Himalayan
Hero XPulse 200 4V

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