The first Lamborghini EV will be launched as a two-door GT in 2030

Lamborghini bosses approved an expansion plan to be used on the production line of the fourth long-distance model of the company’s first battery-electric model. The model will be in the form of a two-door, four-seater luxury station wagon. Owner Stephen Wynn Stephan Winkelmann confirmed that “the new model will be an electric car with” at least 2 + 2 or 4 seats “, which can be based on the upcoming SSP architecture. Lamborghini will have it before the end of 2024 as well. Electrification of the three existing product lines

Lamborghini’s Next Electric Car:

Winkelmann said that the initial development of the new car has begun, but said that its final form has yet to be decided. Winkelman told our sister publication “This will be at least 2 + 2 or 4 seats.” “We currently envision primarily two-door cars, but we have not yet made a final decision on body style or power.” Autocar UK first reported in 2017 that Lamborghini is likely to base its first electric car on one of four A luxury travel coupe, insiders say this route has been followed because it better blends the brand’s sports car tradition. with the current performance of electric vehicles.

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Winkelmann added that a final decision on the basic specifications of electric vehicles will be made next year, explaining: “There are two steps: one is to analyze the body style and volume of this segment, and the other is between us and Volkswagen. Match the group’s platform to find the best solution.

Winkelmann said it is too early to talk about the sales target of the new model, but suggested: “If we talk about two-door, four-seater cars, it will be among the current Between situations. Model to follow. It will not become the sales volume of the supercars or the highest sales volume of Urus [SUV]. A dedicated PPE platform developed by Porsche and Audi.

However, the launch time for the Lamborghini EV is close to 2030, which means that it can now become one of the first vehicles to use the upcoming SSP architecture, combining elements from the conventional PPE and MEB platforms. The design of the SSP platform is highly adaptable and can accommodate various electric motors and battery pack technologies.

The first car based on this platform will be the result of Audi’s ongoing Artemis project, which will take place in 2026, and eventually, Lamborghini EV can use shared engines with Porsche and Audi, but in terms of powertrain, Lamborghini EV can using shared electric motors with Porsche and Audi, although partnering with electric vehicle technology experts and supercar maker Rimac may attract people. Porsche owns a large number of shares in this Croatian company and is currently negotiating with the company to jointly operate Bugatti in the future.

Lamborghini in India:

In India, Lamborghini retails Aventador S and Huracan Evo supercars and Urus SUVs. Urus has always been Lamborghini’s best seller in India and reached the 100 sales milestone in March this year. Recently, the Italian manufacturer also launched the capsule version of Urus pearls in India. Urus Pearl Capsule Edition is a preconfigured Urus that provides a two-tone color scheme and many other cool features.

This version has three unique paint options: Giallo Inti (yellow), Verde Mantis (lime green), and Arancio Borealis (orange), while the body skirts, wheels, exterior mirrors, roof, and fenders are decorated in gloss black.

Lamborghini “Direzione Cor Tauri” roadmap

The new electric Lamborghini will be the culmination of the company’s recently launched Direzione Cor Tauri roadmap, which will include a plug-in hybrid powertrain to be converted to the existing one by the end of 2024 Three lines of products are electrified.

The Tauri roadmap, which cites the most dazzling star in the constellation Taurus, will invest more than 1.3 billion pounds (approximately 13,474.5 crore) in PHEV technology over the next four years due to the need to reduce the environmental impact of the company. But Winkelmann vowed to “maintain the brand’s DNA” and “take it to a new level.”


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