Aprilia Tuareg 660 Officially Revealed | Specs

Aprilia presents the new Off-Road bike in the world. Low-weight the bike name is Tuareg 660 Adventure. 80hp, 70Nm, dual 660cc engine, follower frame, adjustable suspension, spoke wheels, TFT screen, 4-travel Aprilia models already have 660cc Rs 660 and Tuno 660.

Tuareg 660 Basis

Check out the other ADV boxes as well. The wheels are pneumatic with 21″/18″ twisted and closed rod pieces 240mm apart on each side. Aprilia also claims that the frame is adjustable from both sides, but doesn’t go into too much detail about the tuning.

Ground clearance is generous and the Tuareg also appears to use crankshaft protection. It weighs 187 kg (dry) and the Tuareg weighs roughly as expected for an ADV. When the 18-liter fuel tank is full, it weighs over 200 kg. Everything is held together by a handrail frame and the front brake calipers are Brembo production.


APRC technology:

off-road performance, sports technology: 4 driving types, 2 of which are adjustable (1 for off-road driving). ABS can be disabled on both wheels or only on the rear. Complete APRC system with traction control, cruise control, engine circuits, and engine brakes. All of this can be seen on the crystal clear 5 ”TFT display.

Low Weight:

Leading team’s minimum weight: With a dry weight of only 187 kg, the Tuareg 660 sets the industry standard for lightness. Aprilia engineers have made the most of every gram, from the spacious 18-liter fuel tank to everything you need for adventure in your Tuareg. Lighter means always more fun your ride.


Long Range, No Compromise: The 43mm 240mm fork and progressive-clutch mono-shock guarantee traction and driving pleasure where others need acceleration.

Aprilia Frame:

Taste that Matters: The Tuareg 660 remains true to the Aprilia chassis tradition and stands out thanks to a new tubular steel frame mounted on aluminum brackets and connected to the engine at six points. ” With a wheelbase of over 1500 mm, precise weight distribution, and specific gravity.

Redesigned engine

Two parallel cylinders deliver 80 hp maximum power, 70 Nm maximum torque, and significantly improved low rpm performance. The bowl reduces the vertical contact area when the ground clearance is greater than 240 mm and the seat height is less than 860 mm.


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