Top 5 best innovative technologies in 2020

In this year much new innovative technology launches in the world, but some kind of innovation is totally different and changes the world. For example Internet, Smartphone, robot, Home product, etc,

In this 2020 year is totally different peoples are changing an attitude and different technology and new innovation are create at their own home and companies, humans life fully changed a COVID-19 pandemic time.

LG OLED Rollable TV 

LG making a new innovative design in the TV segment the world’s first rollable TV which is finally getting on sale. The 65-inch LG OLED Rollable TV is now available in South Korea and will cost 100 million won, or more than (Rs 64 lakh).

LG Rollable TV

OLED Rollable is build a flexible OLED panel is used, the most innovative technology in the world. These Tv processors are used a Gen 3 AI Processor 4K with AI Picture Pro and Sound Pro, Dolby atoms are used more extra features are provided in LG. LG creates a more innovative technology that can be provided to consumers.

Artificial Intelligence

AI the technology used for computer systems with the ability to make decisions like humans. Being one of the trending technologies, once AI programs square measure fed to systems, the aim is to mimic human intelligence for performing arts advanced tasks like pattern recognition, speech recognition, weather forecast, and medical diagnosis.

AI technology-based applications like Apple Siri, IoT devices, Google assistant, and search engines like Google and Bing. AI automating tasks such as traffic, scheduling trains, making business predictions, and designing driverless cars, and much more.

In 2025, the world fully changes AI technologies and more create new ideas and more jobs opportunity. The sad fact is AI might wipe out more than jobs in the same time frame.

Hydraloop Water Recycler

The best product in our life Hydraloop’s Water Recycler. These Hydraloop’s water recycler is a large appliance in-home or many places or used, which filters and purifies greywater from baths, showers, and washing machines, and six maintenance-free filtration techniques, and can recycle up to 80% of the water used in the home for re-use in toilets, pools, and irrigation systems [your toilet and kitchen sink are safe from filtration, so don’t fret]. The useful innovation thing in human life.

Hydraloop’s Water Recycler

Hydraloop recyclers is already in used in Africa and Europe countries; not only do they save our planet, but they can save money. The company estimates, a four-person household can save up to 20,000 gallons of water per year.  

Motion Pillow
Motion Pillow

Sleeping is the most important in our life, But this company made a new innovative thing is motion pillow and smooth sleeping experiences. Even in the morning, after you felt fresh, your body will still be tired. Smart sleep conjointly needs the science of sleep. Once an extended analysis amount by ten minds, the “Motion Pillow” gently moves your head with four proprietary air baggage to search out your optimum sleep position.

The snoring could be a sign of sleep syndrome. It’s simple to think about it as the associate in nursing an innocuous sleeping habit, however departure it alone will trigger a warning call regarding your health. Meet the science of sleep – the “Motion Pillow” a special answer which will alleviate your snoring. Useful innovative thing.

Brush your mouth in 10 seconds : Y-Brush

The world’s most innovative technology, Unlike your manual/electric toothbrush, Y-Brush mechanically cleans all of your teeth in-depth, for youngsters and adults alike.


Developed in shut collaboration with dentists for over four years, the proprietary Y-Brush technology reproduces the right gestures (the Bass technique) and uses sonic vibrations. These vibrations enable the thirty-five thousand, nylon filaments lining the comb to get rid of the bacterial plaque. Y-Brush is the solely product on the market ready to use nylon filaments.

Dexterous Robots

Industrial and innovative robots are still clumsy and rigid for all the discussion concerning machines taking jobs. A mechanism will get a section with unbelievable accuracy over and all over again on a mechanical production system. whereas ne’er obtaining exhausted, move the merchandise 0.5 an in. or supervene upon it with one thing marginally distinctive, and also the machine can fumble or paw at nullity.

In any case, whereas a mechanism cannot nevertheless be custom-built to form a sense of the way to get a footing on any product simply by seeing it, as folks do, it’d currently be able to make out by virtual experimentation the way to manage the work alone.


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