Why do luxury cars cost too much high as compared to normal cars?

Luxury cars are a high cost as compared to normal cars, why they used the same steel is used in both cars. But some extra and safety features are given luxury cars, the normal cars low features is gives a brand. For example, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, Bentley, Audi, BMW, etc not because everything they make is luxurious, these brands give more expensive and luxury features are given. But because most of what they produce is high-quality and pleasing to the senses. It’s not designed to be a luxury car, but that doesn’t change the fact that Mercedes-Benz is a luxury brand. The company has earned that reputation by consistently producing high-quality, good-looking cars that have compelling features. But, if you define luxury as attractive, high-quality, and pleasing to the senses.

In places like Korea and Japan, wealthy car buyers have no problem spending serious money on large, powerful, and nicely equipped cars. We Indians always go for a Mercedes or a BMW or an Audi when we talk about luxurious vehicles. If you can accept that one brand can sell everything from a budget-friendly fuel sipper all the way up to a high-performance coupe or luxury sedan (like Chevrolet), it might change the way you shop for a new car.

You’re still thinking luxury means making a think again. Today, it’s about quality, comfort, good looks, and visually pleasing design. Modern luxury pays attention to the details but ultimately doesn’t care what logo is on the trunk.

The many cars are available in the world, but your dream cars is what?

80% of peoples have normal and low budget cars are used, but some kind of person uses a luxury car. Sports cars might be our specialty here at Road & Track, but luxury cars are a close second. Driving a well-built Rolls-Royce or Bentley is a spectacular experience all its own. Sure, these cars may not be built at times, lap records, or the top speed, but there are still plenty of things to love about them. Here are the most extravagantly luxurious cars you can buy new today, sorted from most to least expensive.

Luxury car features like a Seat Massager Long drives can be tiring and more than often they leave you with cramps in your lower back and thighs. this feature basically works on vibration function that helps increase the blood circulation in vital areas preventing said cramps. Sky Control that name might be a bit dumb, but to hell with it, because it’s as amazing as luxury car features can get. an electromagnetic glass panel that lets the driver alter the amount of brightness and heat getting inside the cabin, allowing them to lighten or darken the car at will. Anti-Theft technology with a retractable surface under the ornament so it gets sucked in real fast into the hood if anyone tries to put pressure on it.  Auto-Lane Keeping when a vehicle starts to deflect from the assigned lane, the system detects it and gets the steering wheel to start vibrating. the system will not only alert the driver but pull the vehicle back into its lane if necessary. This is one feature that can help prevent so many accidents. Magic Body Control the vehicle’s road surface scan detects any irregularities, like speed bumps or potholes, the ‘magic body control’ sets up the active suspension beforehand to deal with the situation. Hidden Door Pocket the hidden pockets inside the driver and passenger doors. Sport Response Buttons like a nitro-booster seen in movies. when you push the button on the steering wheel, you can get about 20 seconds of peak responsiveness from the engine. Self-Closing Doors the soft-close doors options, this is at a different level altogether, and currently, Rolls Royce is the only game in town. Remote Control Parking the driver to remotely park the car into a tight corner if need be.


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