TATA new CURVV EV concept revealed a future SUV coupe model

The new Tata Curvv prototype has just been shown — an electric SUV coupe that will sit above Tata’s Nexon EV in the company’s lineup. The new Curvv, as previously rumored, would be a compact SUV coupe.

While a final title for manufacturing SUV is still to be decided, the model is expected to be introduced in our market over the arrival in 2024.

  • A sloping roof on the well is involved in creating a unique sporty but rough appearance.
  • Its proportions place it between Nexon & Harrier, with luxury design.
  • New Gen2 EVs would have a range of 400-500km and faster charging periods.
  • In 2024, a production-spec vehicle based on the Curvv idea will be available.

As previously said, the Curvv is built on the Gen3 platform, which is an upgrade of Tata’s current platforms and more suited for EVs. It is a flexible and adaptable foundation for various sizes and forms, as well as a number of engine options.

Tata CURVV More range and technology:

The Ziptron technology, which will debut inside the EV car-based just on the Curvv concept, will have a certifiable range of 400 to 500 kilometers. It will be able to charge quicker from both AC and DC sources. Tata claims that its next-generation EVs will be capable of vehicle-to-vehicle charging as well as utilizing its battery to power various appliances through a 3-pin connector. The performance and efficiency of powertrains will be increased as well, although the specifics will most likely be revealed in the last phases of development.

The new EVs will be more connected as well, including cloud compatibility for telemetry and over-the-air software upgrades. They will also be able to operate more complex computing systems, allowing them to possibly provide capabilities like Advanced Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems.

Tata CURVV EV idea for 2022: design, platform, and interior details

Tata Motors’ CURVV partially planned a sporty and modern SUV type. The CURVV has discovered the right balance between elegance, performance, and utility by combining the robustness and durability of an SUV with the stylish and sporty shape of a Coupe.

With an increased ride height, robust cladding, and dynamic proportions, the external design exudes charm. The high offset on the front and rear fender gives the wheels a feeling of power. This, together with the robust section through the paneling, contributes to a stable and balanced posture. As one approaches the CURVV, the slender top DRL and triangle headlamp design provide a recognized identity and combine an animated welcome element.

The signature LED lighting that encircles the back screen is a one-of-a-kind element that, including the horizontal lighting bar, accentuates the concept’s breadth and high-tech vibe.

The front lower bumper features a grooved pattern than provides the impression of accuracy; this motif is replicated at the back and on the aero blade design of the wheels, creating an integrated and holistic sensation. The Day Light Opening has a characteristic SUV coupe-like pattern that continues through the C-pillar and deck lid. The wheel arch cladding and lower sill provide the hardness and durability that an SUV requires, while the high-gloss black finish adds a luxury touch.

The SUV has a strong aerodynamic concept running through it. The floating bonnet enables air to flow beneath it, leaving through triangle structures higher up on the surface. The floating C-pillar maintains the aerodynamic motif, with airflow flowing around the body side and beneath the pillar before leaving just at the side of a rear screen. Aero blade inserts seal up the open region and provide improved airflow across the surfaces, the diamond-shaped polished surfaces provide a strong visual contrast.

The interior is both big and concentrated. It is completely contemporary and minimalistic, and it incorporates cutting-edge onboard technology and HMI. The cabin’s true luxury feel is accomplished by designing a remarkably dynamic interior with a strong yet sophisticated color, material, and finish direction. The carefully chosen interior pieces express the company’s idea and appeal to the active client. Smart interior packing will provide ample room for both people and baggage.

The rear spoiler is integrated with the roofline by a huge panoramic glass roof. It also adds a level of autonomy and a lot of natural light to the cockpit. The split rear spoiler lets the SUV Coupe’s appearance be maintained while flowing towards the back screen via the short decklid.

Tata’s long-term goals:

Tata is preparing to launch new long-range variants of the Nexon EV and Tigor EV with bigger batteries in the coming weeks. As previously reported, an all-electric Sierra SUV is also in the works, and it will be Tata’s first specialized EV based on the new Sigma pure-EV platform. This platform will be a component of Tata’s Gen 3 EV design, which will be built on a battery pack and will not support combustion engines.

Image Gallery: Tata Curvv

Photo’s Credit: ev.tatamotors.com

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