Ola Electric Motorcycle Concepts & S1 X Launch

In the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicles, Ola Electric has taken a bold step forward by unveiling a series of exciting electric motorcycle concepts. These concepts not only demonstrate Ola’s commitment to innovation but also set the stage for the launch of their entry-level offering, the s1x. Let’s delve into the details of these groundbreaking developments.

Ola Electric Motorcycle Concepts

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Ola has sparked anticipation within the electric vehicle community with the introduction of four distinct electric motorcycle concepts: Cruiser, Adventure, Roadster, and Diamond Head. Each of these concepts brings its unique flair and features to the table. From the striking aesthetics of the Cruiser to the adventurous spirit of the Adventure model, Ola is catering to a diverse range of riders.

Notably, the Diamond Head model stands out with its exceptional features, including twin discs up front, golden upside-down forks, and an innovative Hub-centered steering mechanism. While the aesthetics are captivating, Ola has kept enthusiasts eagerly awaiting detailed specifications and plans for these electrifying concepts.

The Ola s1x Launch

Breaking new ground in the electric motorcycle market, Ola Electric has introduced the s1x as an entry-level offering that promises affordability without compromising on performance. The s1x comes in three variants, each catering to different budgets and preferences. The price range for these variants spans from 90,000 to 1.1 lakh rupees, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of riders.


Starting Pring at ₹ 99,999


The heart of the s1x lies in its battery and motor configuration. The base variant features a 2 kWh battery pack, while the mid-spec and top-spec variants are equipped with a more powerful 3 kWh battery pack. All variants are powered by a robust 6 kW Hub motor, translating to an exhilarating riding experience.

Performance enthusiasts will appreciate the s1x’s impressive capabilities. The top two variants boast a claimed top speed of 90 kph, achieving the 0 to 40 kph sprint in just 3.3 seconds. Meanwhile, the base variant offers a slightly more modest top speed of 35 kph and completes the same acceleration in 4.1 seconds. The certified range varies between 91 kilometers for the base variant and an impressive 151 kilometers for the higher two variants.

Ola s1x Specifications

The s1x’s specifications build upon the foundation laid by its predecessor, the S1 scooter. With a peak output of 6 kW, the s1x outperforms the S1 Air, offering a top speed of 90 kph and a brisk 0 to 40 kph acceleration time of 3.3 seconds for the top two variants. The base variant maintains a commendable performance, reaching a top speed of 35 kph and completing the acceleration in 4.1 seconds.

For those concerned about range, the s1x doesn’t disappoint. The base variant offers a certified range of 91 kilometers, while the higher two variants extend their capabilities to cover 151 kilometers on a single charge.

Ola S1 Pro Gen 2

Ola’s commitment to innovation is vividly demonstrated with the second-generation S1 Pro. This upgraded version boasts several improvements over its debut counterpart. The motor now churns out a continuous power of 5 kW and a peak output of 11 kW, resulting in a noticeable increase in the claimed top speed from 116 to 120 kph.

The acceleration performance has also been refined, with the time it takes to accelerate from 0 to 40 kph reduced from 2.9 to 2.6 seconds. While the battery capacity remains at 4 kWh, Ola has diligently worked on enhancing power efficiency. This enhancement translates into an extended certified range of 195 kilometers, up from the initial 181 kilometers.

Chassis Changes and Pricing

Beyond power and performance, the second-generation S1 Pro introduces significant changes in its chassis design. Moving away from the single-sided front suspension, the Pro now features conventional telescopic forks. Additionally, the frame design has evolved, omitting the spine section and incorporating a flat floorboard for enhanced practicality and comfort.

With these enhancements, Ola Electric has set the price of the second-gen S1 Pro at ₹1.48 lakh, marking a modest increase of ₹8,000 over the first-gen model. This pricing strategy reflects Ola’s dedication to offering value-packed electric vehicles that cater to a broader audience.

Move OS4 Software Update

Ola’s innovation extends beyond hardware, as evidenced by the rollout of their latest operating system, Move OS4. This software update brings forth a host of improvements designed to enhance the overall user experience. Notable features include improved maps navigation, enhanced regenerative braking capabilities, improved heel hold, and a descent hill hold feature.

Furthermore, the software now enables headphone controls for music and phone calls, providing riders with a seamless way to stay connected while on the go. This integration of technology further solidifies Ola’s commitment to offering comprehensive and user-friendly solutions.

In conclusion, Ola Electric’s foray into the electric motorcycle market with a lineup of concepts and the launch of the s1x marks a pivotal moment in the industry. The company’s dedication to pushing boundaries, refining specifications, and enhancing user experience sets a promising trajectory for the future of electric mobility.

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