The new Ford C-SUV may be based on a territorial crossover

Ford and Mahindra have been here before. The two companies were together in 1995 but separated again in 1999. They met again in October 2019 and were full of hope for both companies. The benefits are obvious. Ford and Mahindra’s lower-cost base will benefit from Ford’s extensive SUV experience. But the 19.25 billion rupees joint venture was never successful.

Is Mahindra refusing to invest or is Ford dissatisfied with the earnings it has received? Unfortunately, we may never know. However, we do know, and what is true, today “all bets are off.” So it did not share the XUV700 (W601) platform with Ford for its C-SUV (CX757), it did not provide 130hp Mahindra 1.2 turbocharged gasoline for the updated EcoSport, and there will be no next-gen Ford B under the 4 meters. in the future Competitors of SUV or Crete and Mahindra.

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This is unlikely to benefit the two companies. Today, shared platforms are the building block that makes numbers tick. Check out Hyundai-Kia, Renault-Nissan, Suzuki-Toyota, and Volkswagen-Skoda. That’s why both Ford and Mahindra will see cost increases. Ford has a smart plan.

Ford will continue to develop new C SUVs, although aside from Mahindra, Ford Territory is a seven-seat SUV built for the developing market, including a larger Brazil Territory platform than Mahindra’s W601, which will support the XUV700. The motor can be inside the main pillar

The new Ford C-SUV or CX757 can now be built on the Ford platform, which is similar in size and specs to the new XUV700. Like Ford’s Territory used in markets like China and Brazil, the seven-seater SUV’s design will likely continue to be designed by Pininfarina (which, by the way, is also a Mahindra-owned company).

Ford Territory:

Overview: The Territory launched in China in late 2018 and is built on a platform shared by Ford and Chinese automakers Jiangling Motors or Jiangling Motors. Of course, its advantage is that, like the Mahindra platform, its design cost is lower. To maintain standards, Ford has ensured that global standards are maintained with the help of its research and development center in Australia.


The Melbourne facility is called the Asia Pacific Development Center, which includes technologies such as a virtual reality-based engineering station, a design center, and the Asia Pacific Product Development Center at Broadmeadows. The endeavor was designed here, and this is where the CX757’s design integrates with the Territory’s JMC-based platform.

Ford C-SUV:

Ford’s advantage, the wheelbase of the Territory platform is similar to that of the Mahindra W601 at 2,716mm. The 7-seater will be larger but is in fact similar in size, which should also allow Ford to minimize Pininfarina’s design changes. Ford Brasil, a partner of Figo and Aspire, recently launched its map, which can also help. This can also be crucial in terms of shared systems and other technologies.

Another reason Ford chose a JMC-based platform is that it may be more cost-competitive than Mahindra’s platform. The cost base of the Chinese auto market is more competitive than that of India, and Ford can use this cost-effectively.


The Ford CX757 was designed by Pininfarina in Turin. Pininfarina is known as the preferred designer for Ferrari cars and is one of the most successful and respected design studios in the world. And it is not without reason. Master of perfect proportions, smooth lines, and timeless details, this is a legend. There are rumors that Ford has done a good job with C SUVs in India. It’s so big that Mahindra has studied its design process more carefully.


Ford has made its 2.0 EcoBlue diesel in India. The “Leopard” is manufactured here and exported to many markets around the world. It is internally called the “Leopard” and powers the “Endeavor”, which Ford can theoretically rotate and install under the hood of the CX757. The engine has been used to power front-wheel-drive cars like the Mondeo and Edge, which are similarly sized SUVs, so this doesn’t mean they have to start from scratch. Ford can also partially mount its 1.5 EcoBoost.

In Sanand, Gujarat, the blue oval has many engines assembled there. With the help of Ford Europe and Austria engine consultant AVL, 1.5 engines have been integrated into the region and their output can reach 140 or 150 horsepower. Currently, the motor has a 48V mild-hybrid version for sale in China.

Function and technology:

Ford can also borrow some useful things from the hinterland. Designed specifically for markets such as China and other developing markets such as Brazil, it uses a large number of high-gloss chrome and light-colored artificial wood panels. And, because the 10.1-inch Sync Touch system was installed, there is no need for a lot of electronic tinkering. The region also received kits such as wireless charging, digital dashboards, and Ford Pass-brand connected car technology.

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