Mahindra XUV700 variants lineup uncovered

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Mahindra is about to open bookings for the upcoming XUV700 within the coming days and that we have now got our hands on the SUV’s variant nomenclature. the worth announcement for the XUV700’s complete lineup is additionally expected to require place soon. As is already known, the XUV700 is going to be available in two broad trims – MX and AdrenoX (AX) – and can be offered in both five and seven-seater layouts, with petrol and diesel engines across the range.

Entry-level XUV700 MX variants get a five-seat layout only
Top-spec XUV700 AX7 comes only as a seven-seater
AWD standard only on top-spec AX7 Diesel-AT

Variation engine, gearbox, seating designs:

The XUV700 line-up begins with the section level MX variation that gets a 200hp, petroleum, and a lower yield 155hp diesel motor. While the petroleum motor will be presented with a 6-speed manual and programmed gearboxes, the diesel motor just gets the manual. Additionally, the MX Series may be accessible as a five-seater.

The AdrenoX series, then again, will highlight three trims – AX3, AX5, and AX7 – and will be presented with the 200hp petroleum and a higher-yield 185hp diesel motor. All XUV700 AX series SUVs, with the exception of the petroleum AX3 and AX5 seven-seater variations, get the choice of both manual and programmed gearboxes.

To the extent seating alternatives go, the XUV700 AX3 and AX5 will be sold as a five or seven-seater, while the AX7 is exclusively accessible as a seven-seater. Furthermore, the all-wheel drive is exclusively saved for the top-spec AX7 diesel-AT variation.

The top-spec XUV700 AX7 trims will probably additionally be presented with three discretionary packs, as signified by the C, T, and L shortened forms, which potentially propose ‘Solace’, ‘Innovation’, and ‘Extravagance’ packs.

For a nitty-gritty glance at what every series and trim has to bring to the table as far as components and hardware, click here.

Complete variant list revealed 

Mahindra XUV700 complete variant list, seating options

XUV700 Petrol MTXUV700 Petrol ATXUV700 Diesel MTXUV700 Diesel AT
MX 5-seaterMX 5-seaterMX 5-seater
AX3 5-seater/7-seaterAX3 5-seaterAX3 5-seater/7-seaterAX3 5-seater/7-seater
AX5 5-seater/7-seaterAX5 5-seaterAX5 5-seater/7-seaterAX5 5-seater/7-seater
AX7 7-seaterAX7 7-seaterAX7 7-seaterAX7 7-seater
AX7 C 7-seaterAX7 C 7-seaterAX7 C 7-seaterAX7 C 7-seater
AX7 L 7-seaterAX7 L 7-seaterAX7 L 7-seaterAX7 L 7-seater
AX7 T 7-seaterAX7 T 7-seaterAX7 T 7-seaterAX7 T 7-seater
AX7 7-seater AWD

In the engine, the XUV700 gets a 200hp, 380Nm, 2.0-liter, four-chamber, Mahindra mStallion super petroleum unit, while the diesel is a 2.2-liter, four-chamber mHawk turbocharged unit that comes in two conditions of tune. The lower-controlled unit (held for the section level MX adaptation) produces 155hp and 360Nm, while the unit in the AX variations produces 185hp and 420Nm (450Nm with the programmed gearbox).

The diesel motor additionally accompanies four drive modes – Zip, Zap, Zoom, and Custom – which are professed to adjust execution and controlling the reaction. Transmission choices incorporate a 6-speed manual and a 6-speed programmed.

Mahindra XUV700 engine, gearbox options

XUV700 PetrolXUV700 Diesel
Engine2.0-litre turbo-petrol2.2-litre turbo-diesel
Torque380Nm360Nm/420Nm and 450Nm(AT)
Gearbox6 speed MT/6-speed AT6 speed MT/6-speed AT

Evaluating and equals:

Mahindra has as of now uncovered costs for the 5-seater renditions of the MX petroleum manual (Rs 11.99 lakh), MX diesel-manual (Rs 12.49 lakh), AX3 petroleum manual (Rs 13.99 lakh), and AX5 petroleum manual (Rs 14.99 lakh).

Complete costs of the line-up will be uncovered in the coming days. Given its adaptable seating setup choices, the new Mahindra XUV700 should battle with both, 5 and 7-seater SUVs.

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