Ford Mustang Mach-E SUV Indian launch confirmed

In early 2019, we first reported that Ford is considering a Mustang Mach E for India, but now with the announcement of the cessation of domestic production, Ford India has also confirmed that it will launch the Mach E in our market. The CBU and the launch announcement are certainly intended to reinforce the company’s announcement that it will only operate in India using premium imported models.

The American automaker also announced that Mach E will go on sale alongside the highly anticipated Mustang GT launch. The imported CBU Mustang GT is expected to launch in India. Speaking at the panel discussion, Ford India CEO Anurag Mehrotra said: “The goal is to deliver products that make a difference and we believe getting started with the Mustang, Mustang Coupe and Mach E lineup will really help us. separate from the market and provide a profitable and sustainable business. Pany’s activity in the Indian market shows that the brand has been more successful with models that stand out as “meteo products”.

Ford Mustang Mach-E: Details:

World premiere of the 2019 Mustang MachE with a choice of electric motor power in RWD or AWD configurations, from a 270 horsepower rear-wheel drive model to a 487-horsepower Mustang MachE GT with all specs. -wheel drive. two battery packs: a 68 kWh battery pack providing a range of up to 370 km, or a larger 88 kWh battery pack with a range of up to 491 km, EPA cycle, depending on motor configuration. He went to India.

In the future, Ford will produce electric vehicles:

Ford is also considering non-Mustang models for the Indian market. Following his comments on the Mustangs, Mehrotra said, “So the real intent is to take advantage of the more and more futuristic, electrified, connected products that are always present in the global and ever-evolving portfolio. Business cases for them offering these products to India. The F150 pickup truck is popular in the North American market.

Earlier this year, the brand announced plans to develop two new EV and RWD EV platforms by 2030, covering the full range of Ford models, including commercial vehicles, vans, vans and SUVs. is working on the Mustang MachE sub-crossover based on the MEB VW Group platform. The two companies entered into a global alliance in 2019, in which the two brands will join forces to efficiently develop electric vehicles.

Smaller network

Ford will certainly have a much smaller sales network, limited only to major cities, and the company will also have to change its business model and operating model to remain a player. Niche, as well as Italians in our market, and it remains to be seen whether Ford will keep the company’s sales or go the dealership path. It’s certainly a challenge, but Ford believes it gets the job done.

“If you remember, in 2015, when we launched the Mustang on the F1 (Buddh International Circuit), we got very good support from our customers and sold the product pretty quickly. We made it. We produce about 100 150 units per year. “I think the demand for great products, high quality, real blue muscle cars, as some of you call it, is suppressing Ford DNA,” Mehrotra said.


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