2022 Indian motorcycle launched Chief lineup in India

The new Chief Indian series has been unveiled in India. Prices start at 20.75 Lark (formerly Showroom, India). Three models were announced. Get the ThunderStroke116 engine price up to Rs 22.84. 3 out of 6 senior Indian models launched globally in 2021. This series is currently arriving in India. Indian Chief Dark Horse is the cheapest of the three, ranging from Rs 20.86 to Rs 20.86.

The aforementioned Chief Bobber Dark Horse costs Rs 21.40-21.44, while the most expensive Super Chief Limited costs Rs 22.82-22.84. This helps bridge the huge price gap between the Scout Bobber Rs 20 Rs 16.20 and Vintage Vintage Rupee Rs 25.80 in the current Indian lineup.

The 116’ThunderStroke engine develops a torque of 162 Nm. This engine already powers the Vintage, Springfield, Chieftain, and Roadmaster models sold in India.

Indian Chief Dark Horse and Chief Bobber Dark Horse

  • Indian Chief Dark Horse
  • Indian
  • Indian

The Indian Chief Dark Horse has a simple appearance, equipped with a mop, 19-inch alloy wheels, center spikes, and a single float seat. Like the other two models, the Chief Dark Horse has standard wiring control throttle, cruise control, ABS, and rear cylinder deactivation. As the name suggests, Bobber Dark Horse has many black parts that make it unique. The rest of the lineup.

  • Indian
  • Indian
  • Indian Chief Bobber Dark Horse

Indian Super Chief Limited

  • Indian
  • Indian
  • Indian Super Chief Limited

The Super Chief is based on the same platform as the bike above but added to the Indian family. But unlike other bikes, the Super Chief has a more touring approach to design. This can be seen in features such as the quick-release windshield, leather saddlebag, two-seater touring seat, footrest, and the traditional wide cross.

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