2021 highlights from the Indian auto field

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In the future automotive projects also sign and improve more innovative come up the year. To wait for the future innovative technology and Indian country growth faster in the automotive industry. So, let’s see in future,

In this article, let’s share 2021 is not even an easy year for anyone, including the automotive industry, and while there has been substantial recovery, there have also been some severe pandemic-related setbacks. Here’s a look at some of the major highlights in the Indian automotive industry in the year.

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Ford’s decision to leave India


Ford had an impassioned two years into India, none more and than it closing one. After what seemed like a strong design in conformity with regaining ground within the Indian need with a Joint Venture (JV) along with former companion Mahindra, matters went slip because of the United States of America brand. The JV was known as away at the absolutely closing degrees and the couple manufacturers cut every tie and plan for after shared products. Having pinned its future model approach generally about Mahindra platforms, Ford plans in imitation of phase overseas its plant life between India.

A vehicle meeting inter regarding its ultimate bank of Gujarat desire stays shuttered by way of the fourth quarter regarding 2021 than every other for car and apparatus manufacturing into the ill-omened Indian state about Tamil Nadu by way of the 2nd steps over 2022. The corporation hopes in accordance with restructuring its operations around electric powered automobiles then niche markets, like imparting imported Mustangs according to India.

As standard, there are two airbags

In India, vehicle safety has improved steadily over the years, and this year was no exception. The mandated installation of dual front airbags on all cars in India began this year in stages. Any new model introduced after April 1, 2021, must include a twin airbag system as standard. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the deadline for standardizing twin airbags in cars already on the market was extended out to December 31, 2021.

Establishing a new electric car and making plans

With carmakers either debuting EVs or declaring their future electric plans, the EV race has received a push this year. While market leader Maruti Suzuki is focusing on hybrids and compressed natural gas vehicles, it will also produce its first electric vehicle by 2025. Tata Motors, meanwhile, has established a new electric business and expects to launch a 10-vehicle EV range by 2026.

Mahindra, on the other hand, has promised eight electric vehicles by 2027, and Hyundai has promised six by 2028. In addition, a few automakers have stated intentions to convert to entirely electric vehicles by 2025, 2030 for Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, and 2033 for Audi.

Global shortage in 2021


One of the largest – if not the largest – challenge for the automotive world has been the worldwide semiconductor shortage that began in 2020 however surged for the duration of the past year. the most reason for the shortage was two-fold. Firstly, carmakers reduced demand for electronic chips because of the visit sales in the middle of the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, and that they simply weren’t expecting the recovery of demand to be as quick or robust as it was. Secondly, demand for semiconductors boomed within the client industry (laptops, PCs, phones, diversion consoles, etc) given the rise in work from home for many of the personnel around the globe.

Given that these electronic chips area units are used for everything from controlling headlights and mirror changes to handling advanced processes like ADAS (advance driver assist systems) and telematics, the impact of the shortage has been severe. such a lot in order that most automotive manufactures have had to chop production to work the preceding options. a chief example of this may be Maruti Suzuki, the Indian market leader, World Health Organization saw production cut by nearly sixty % in Sep.

Additionally, several carmakers have even tweaked specifications, dropping advanced electronic options that need multiple chips to work. as an example, Mahindra has declared a brand new top-end AX7 good variant for the XUV700 while not the ADAS system.

With most within the business expecting this shortage to be a prolix affair, firms just like the Tata cluster have declared their intent to appear into the practicableness of constructing a semiconductor manufacturing plant in India. tho’ this may conjointly possible take it slow, with the earliest chips expected to roll out of the plant 2 to 3 years down the road. as long as the shortage is anticipated to hold on in 2022, a fast finish sadly isn’t visible.

Mercedes-Benz direct to customer

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Citroen launched direct sales of its C5 SUV to customers in an effort to supplement its budding dealer network, while Mercedes made an unexpected modification in its overall sales approach. In essence, the German automaker’s dealer network no longer buys automobiles from the manufacturer before selling them to customers. Prospective purchasers may now browse Mercedes’ whole national inventory and place orders directly or through a dealer. Mercedes-Benz claims that invoicing will go straight to the plant, resulting in a single, fair nationwide pricing and simpler automobile availability.

Tata launch securing a 5-star rating car in 2021


Safety is becoming a higher concern for automobile purchasers in India, and owing to crash test results from worldwide safety authority Global NCAP, automotive safety is now on many people’s minds. Many manufacturers have responded positively, with strong results, and, notably, the four new India-spec cars tested this year did very well, with the Mahindra XUV700 and Tata Punch receiving 5-star ratings, and both the Tata Tigor EV and Renault Triber receiving 4-star ratings.

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