TVS Jupiter 125 audit, detailed review

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Taking the tradition of TVS Jupiter forward, the all-new TVS Jupiter 125 is genuinely greater, better, and amazing. The new Jupiter is the ideal mix of style and common sense, rethinking your day-by-day drive. Along these lines, get set, take the jump, and experience the ZYADA SE BHI ZYADA ride

In any event, for a bike fan like me, there are days where I simply need to get from direct A toward B in a quiet and gathered way. Things like common sense, solace, and simplicity can be truly unwinding, particularly in case you are managing the buzzing about of living in a major city. Fortunately, there are bikes made for this reason, and garnish that rundown is 125cc suburbanite bikes.

TVS may be somewhat late to enter the suburbanite 125cc bike portion, however, it has entered it for certain interesting components, large cases, and its well-known Jupiter name. This is what it resembles.

TVS Jupiter 125 highlights

Engine Capacity124.8 cc
Kerb Weight108 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity5.1 liters
Max Power8.04 bhp
USB Charging PortYes
Under Seat Storage33 Ltrs

TVS Jupiter 125: Highlights

With regards to highlights, TVS has said there will be an adaptation with Bluetooth availability, yet that isn’t accessible right now. Until further notice, it’s presented in three variations – a drum brake-prepared steel wheel adaptation, one with drum brakes and compound wheels, and a front plate brake furnished rendition with combination wheels, as found in the photos.

These three variations manage with Digi-simple instrumentation that takes care of its work. On account of the locally available PCs that have accompanied fuel-infusion frameworks in the BS6 time, the computerized show likewise has a perused out for eco-friendliness-related data. Different components incorporate a USB charging attachment (discretionary on lower-spec variations), a side-stand motor that removes work, and an auto-start stop.

The greatest feature of the new bike is the fuel filler cap and gas tank position. The cap is situated inside the cover, which has a fuel line that takes care of the 5-liter tank situated beneath the section of flooring. This is exceptional in the section, and in addition to the fact that it makes filling fuel simpler, however, it additionally brings down the focal point of gravity and opens up much more space under the seat.

The under-seat stockpiling limit presently remains at 32 liters, which is a lot higher than that of its immediate adversaries. The repositioning of the gas tank additionally hasn’t come to the detriment of ground leeway, and the guaranteed figure of 165mm is comparable to the opposition.


The main thing you’ll see about the Jupiter 125 is that it shows up not at all like the 110, besides the common compound wheels that look pretty shrewd. It’s a pristine plan that is fundamentally additional cutting edge from each point, yet still exceptionally traditionalist. This bike is likewise a lot curvier than whatever you are accustomed to seeing from the organization.

TVS enjoy taken the benefit of chrome trim pieces at the two closures of the DRLs to separate the body-shaded pieces, and it looks very perfect. Discussing chrome, you’ll likewise spot it around the LED front light, as an afterthought board, the exhaust safeguard, and surprisingly the mirrors.

Utilizing chrome widely is interesting, as a lot on a bike can cause it to appear to be pretentious, in any case, it’s been executed well here. The sideboards have a comparative surprising shape that works related to the remainder of the bodywork. That being said, the plan surely adopts a protected strategy, and being interesting to riders of any age appears to have been the principal expectation.

Similarly, as with most bikes in this portion, the back segment is involved by a huge tail-light gathering. More modest styling contacts that stand apart are the body-hued boards around the speedometer and internal cover, and the little reflector on the pillion snatch handle.

Motor & Transmission

The 124.8cc motor on the Jupiter 125 has a similar bore and stroke as the motors on the Ntorq 125 and Raider 125. Notwithstanding, the organization has said that this is simply because they’ve tracked down a perfect balance, and that, in all actuality, it’s an alternate motor.

The progressions are very critical, and this motor uses a two-valve arrangement and not a three-valve one like the other two. While that has come at the expense of some top-end execution, it is relied upon to be more eco-friendly. TVS guarantees that the Jupiter 125 is more effective than a portion of its opponents yet has not uncovered any more data on this theme. We will scrutinize this when we find the opportunity.

The bike assembles speed in a straight way with a very sizable amount of force on offer. In any case, the speed increase dials back a lot once you move beyond the 70kph imprint. There are some gentle vibrations that killjoy in through the wood plank once you get to around 50kph, however that to the side, it’s a charming encounter. The bike is genuinely quiet and refined, and exactly what you would anticipate from a contribution in this space.

Ride and Handling

The other benefit of having the gas tank under the flooring section is that it brings down Jupiter’s focal point of gravity and furthermore moves more mass towards the focal point of the bicycle. Because of this low focus of gravity, the Jupiter 125 feels very steady when hungover. With a kerb weight of 109kg, which is entirely the center request for this portion, it feels very deft as well.

It rushes to turn, as most bikes are, however doesn’t feel jumpy when you do tip it in. This is likewise down to the way that it’s running on 12-inch wheels at the two finishes, which assists with solidness, despite the fact that the tires, both measured 90/90, is a little on the skinnier side.

Associating these 12-inch wheels to the bike is an adaptive fork at the front, and a portion first gas-charged shock at the back, the last of which likewise gets 3-venture preload customizability (that too without the requirement for any apparatuses). Presently we’ve said on different occasions in the past that the TVS track isn’t the best spot to test a bicycle’s ride quality – it’s simply excessively smooth.

In any case, we took the Jupiter 125 over the Belgian Pavé segment of the test track and the bike dealt with it like a champ, as long as you didn’t ride too quick over it. All things considered, we’ll in any case hold full judgment about Jupiter’s ride quality for when we get it for a legitimate street test.

The rendition of the Jupiter 125 we rode accompanied the discretionary 220mm front plate brake, which is by all accounts equivalent to that on the Jupiter 110. However, it gave great nibble, and the vibe at the switch was great as well. Also, obviously, the bike comes furnished with synchronized brakes as standard.

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