Toyota goal is to launch a small car based on Yaris in Europe

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Toyota has confirmed that it will produce the new mini car unveiled by the Aygo X concept car at its plant in Kolin, Czech Republic. The car will be produced together with the Yaris small car and will use the same GA-B version as Toyota’s new global architecture. Toyota Yaris is also produced at its plant in Valenciennes, France.

Toyota is one of the few major automakers that intends to stay in the European mini-car segment with internal combustion engine models. Ford and Opel are among the companies that withdrew from this segment due to low profits, while other automakers have switched to higher-priced electric versions in response to regulatory pressures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Aygo X concept car

Marvin Cooke, chief manufacturing officer of Toyota Europe, said in a statement that, also on the GA-B platform, it will provide automakers with the economies of scale needed to produce small cars. The car “is a European car in all aspects. From development to production, Toyota stated that the model emphasizes the company’s commitment to expand European production and will increase annual car sales in the European market, including Russia, to 1.5 million in 2025.

In comparison, sales of the previous fiscal year ended March 31 were just over 1 million vehicles. Toyota, together with the related Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1, manufactured the current Aygo in Colin Toyota acquired full ownership of the plant on January 1. Previously, it was a joint venture with PSA Group.

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Yaris production at this plant will start in the second half of the year. Toyota said that the new car’s name, sales plan and launch time will be announced in the future. The automaker has previously stated that it will release a mass production version later this year, marking the launch in 2022.

Aygo X concept car

The Aygo X concept refers to the design of a pickup SUV with a more compact appearance and ground clearance than the current Aygo. The Aygo X will be named the Aygo Cross of the compact Toyota Yaris Cross SUV, which will be launched later this year, the Aygo being the third lightest car in Europe last year. According to a market study by jato Dynamics, the number of vehicles reached 83,277, a decrease of 17% from the previous year. – Mazda. -Based on a compact hybrid vehicle from the Koline plant.