Tata Safari produces over 10,000 units in India

Five months after entering the Indian market, the new Tata Safari has reached 10,000 units. The 10,000th unit was produced today on the assembly line at the Pune plant. Despite numerous restrictions due to the pandemic, the last 9,900 copies were produced in less than four months. By the end of June 2021, a total of 8,964 units had been produced.

Five months after launch, the new Tata Safari will hit a milestone in production. The new Safari sold an average of 1,727 units per month. It is expected to exceed 10,000 units by the end of July 2021. Shailesh Chandra, President of the Passenger Car Division of Tata Motors, said: “We have reached this milestone in one of the most difficult times in our long history. The 10,000th success underlines the efforts of the various teams responsible for the revival of this magnificent model. ‘

Tata Safari sales are expected to exceed 10,000 units in the near future

From the release date to the end of June 2021, 8,635 units were sold in Korea. This corresponds to an average monthly sales of 1,277 units. Safari expects to sell over 10,000 units by the end of July 2021. The new Safari may not match the dynamics of the original Safari, but the powerful 2.0-liter diesel engine produces 170 hp. and 350 Nm offers many benefits.

From torque and smooth automatic transmission to ample space and equipment. The convenience of the 3rd row is quite enough. Overall, this is a family-owned 4×4 SUV. According to Tata Motors, the new Safari is currently one of the best-selling 6/7 SUVs in its category with a market share of 25.2%. Together with a stable partner (Safari + Harrier), Tata Motors currently accounts for 41.2% of the long SUV segment (since Q1 2010).


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