Latest NCAP Latin Results: New TATA Punch 5-star GNCAP safety rating

At the point when the Tata Punch was uncovered recently, the local automaker had said that security was a high need on the new model. Also, with regards to that guarantee, the sub-minimal SUV has scored exceptionally in Global N CAP’s (New Car Assessment Program) crash tests. The wellbeing guard dog has granted the Punch an entire, 5-star security rating for occupant protection and a 4-star rating for kid inhabitant security.

Punch turns out to be the third Tata vehicle to be granted a 5-star (grown-up) security GNCAP rating

Punch given 4 stars for Child Occupant security

GNCAP testing to turn out to be more rigid from 2022


The Tata Punch was tried in the most fundamental wellbeing particular, fitted with two airbags, ABS brakes, and ISOFIX safe-havens. The Punch can be improved by outfitting the model with standard Electronic Stability Control (ESC), side head sways insurance frameworks as standard, and 3 point belts in all seating positions. Feature indeed Tata’s choice to introduce both kid inhabitant’s as aft confronting, exhibiting that this position offers the best security choice as both kid fakers got great assurance.

“Goodbye has by and by accomplished a top security rating for grown-up insurance and four stars for kids in a new and well-known model class. This willful test outcome affirms the heading of Tata’s excursion towards more secure vehicles for India. Our test techniques exhibit Tata’s advancement in becoming one of the security chiefs in the Indian market with our present conventions. As the conventions develop to incorporate electronic security control (ESC), side-sway head assurance, and passerby insurance, we would urge Tata to keep up with this administrative role.”

Adult occupant protection

The assurance presented to the driver and traveler’s head and neck was acceptable. Driver and traveler’s chest showed acceptable security. Driver and traveler knees showed great security. Driver tibias showed sufficient security while traveler’s tibias showed satisfactory and great assurance. The bodyshell was evaluated as steady and was fit for withstanding further loadings. The Footwell region was evaluated as steady. The vehicle offers standard Seat Belt Reminders (SBR) for drivers and travelers. The vehicle breezes through the UN95 side effect assessment, it has front travelers SBR that passes the necessities and it offers standard ABS (4 channel). All of the above clarified the five-star rating for grown-up tenant security.

Child Occupant Protection

The child seat for the 3-year-old and 1.5 year old was introduced aft looking with ISOFIX connectors and backing leg. The CRS had the option to forestall unreasonable positive headway during the effect and offered great security to the head and chest of the two fakers. CRS stamping was long-lasting. The suggested CRS didn’t show contrariness. The vehicle offers a lap belt in the back focus position. The vehicle has standard ISOFIX jetties. All of the above clarified the four-star rating for Child inhabitant assurance.

GNCAP tests to get significantly harder from 2022

However an expanding number of Indian vehicles have done well in GNCAP’s accident tests as of late, it should be recollected that the guard dog just evaluates them for (aloof) crash wellbeing for the present. In any case, this is set to change in the coming years, with more prominent thought being given to (dynamic) crash aversion.

As we have effectively announced, the GNCAP testing will turn much harder from the following year. 2022 will see ESC being presented as a necessity for accomplishing higher appraisals, and the side effect test is additionally set to become a standard system. Come 2026, GNCAP will update its testing convention, giving a solitary star rating (rather than the current arrangement of discrete appraisals for grown-up and youngster tenants) and including evaluations for more dynamic wellbeing tech.

On comparable lines, the Indian government is wanting to make ESC and AEB required in the coming years.

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