Lectrix LXS G2.0

Is the Lectrix LXS G2.0 the Best Electric Scooter Under 1 Lakh Rupees?

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Urban commuters in India now have an appealing new option for green mobility – the Lectrix LXS G2.0 electric scooter. This innovative offering from Indian EV manufacturer Lectrix combines contemporary style, smart features, and efficiency at an affordable price point.

In this review, we will examine to look at what makes the Lectrix LXS G2.0 stand out in the rapidly growing electric two-wheeler space. We discuss in detail its sleek aesthetics, performance specifications, advanced technology highlights, ownership experience as well as maintenance needs.

They analyze how the LXS G2.0 matches up against the competition on metrics like pricing, features offered, and target consumer segments addressed. Market trends boosting electric scooter adoption are highlighted along with a perspective on the future outlook of this rapidly evolving category and how Lectrix models like this are positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Whether you are an individual considering going electric or an industry stakeholder analyzing sustainable transport options, this review aims to provide all the details required to evaluate the capabilities and value proposition of the Lectrix LXS G2.0 electric scooter. So read on to find out if this eco-friendly vehicle can become your preferred riding partner for daily urban commutes!

The Lectrix LXS G 2.0 is an innovative electric scooter suited for city commuters and environmentally conscious riders. With its stylish design, optimized performance features, and affordability, it presents an appealing eco-friendly transportation solution.

Design and Key Features

The scooter features a sleek and modern aesthetic available in 6 vibrant colors – Sparkle Black, Pearl White, Sporty Red, Ash Grey, Magic Blue, and Matt Military Green. It has a comfortable seat with adjustable height to accommodate two riders. Safety is enhanced through bright LED headlights for visibility and a protective apron.

Key features include:

  • Powerful 1800W BLDC electric motor
  • Top speed of 55 km/h
  • Maximum range of 98 km on a single 3-hour charge
  • SmartEco mode to conserve battery
  • LED headlights, indicators, and tail lamps
  • Intuitive instrument cluster and controls
  • Reliable drum brake system
  • Sturdy chassis and suspension

Performance and Technology

Equipped with an advanced 1800W BLDC electric motor, the Lectrix LXS G 2.0 can reach a top speed of 55 km/h. The lithium-ion battery enables it to cover distances of up to 98 kilometers when fully charged.

Lectrix LXS G2.0

The scooter incorporates smart Eco mode technology to optimize power utilization and extend battery range when needed. With wide tubeless tires and a suspension system designed to handle rough roads, the ride quality is smooth and stable. The front and rear drum brakes deliver efficient braking even at high speeds.

The lightweight motorcycle helmet offers enhanced riding experience and uses sustainable materials such as recycled plastics, plant-based composites, and renewably-sourced biomaterials

Ownership Experience

The Lectrix LXS G 2.0 is convenient and cost-effective to own. Priced competitively around ₹1 Lakh, it offers excellent value. Running costs are minimal as it does not require any petrol or diesel. The electric scooter can be easily charged overnight at home.

Made by a trusted Indian EV manufacturer, Lectrix prides itself on after-sales support networks across India for easy access to service centers. Required maintenance is also low for the vehicle with long-lasting lithium-ion batteries and widely available spare parts ensuring a satisfying ownership experience.

With its optimized blend of innovation, performance, and affordability, the Lectrix LXS G 2.0 electric scooter presents an appealing sustainable transportation solution for forward-thinking riders.

Market Positioning and Competition

The Lectrix LXS G 2.0 is competitively positioned against other electric two-wheelers in the Indian market.

How it Compares

While more premium electric scooters like the Ather 450X and Bajaj Chetak offer higher performance, they are priced much higher starting from ₹1.5 Lakhs. More affordable competitors like Okinawa and Detel lack the brand reputation and technology sophistication of Lectrix vehicles.

The Lectrix LXS G 2.0 strikes an optimal balance featuring the latest EV engineering and reliability from an established manufacturer at a reasonable price point. This makes it accessible to a wide range of buyers looking to switch to electric.

Market surveys reveal that consumers in India are rapidly embracing electric two-wheelers as eco-friendly alternatives to petrol vehicles. This trend will only accelerate in the coming years.

The key factors driving this increasing consumer demand are:

  • Increasing costs of petrol and diesel
  • Growing awareness of environmental issues
  • Government subsidies and incentives for EVs
  • Rising disposable incomes

Lectrix is well positioned to cater to this surging interest in electric vehicles with its energy-efficient and practical models like the LXS G 2.0.

Future Outlook

Industry forecasts indicate buoyant growth for electric two-wheelers over the next 5 years. With supportive policies, technological improvements, and new product launches, electric models could make up over 50% of all two-wheeler sales by 2027 according to analysts.

Lectrix has robust plans to consolidate its position in this rapidly evolving segment. An expanded product portfolio, growth in manufacturing capacity, and bolstered charging infrastructure will prepare the company to capitalize on future opportunities.

With its competitive pricing, green credentials and focus on innovation, the Lectrix LXS G 2.0 is undoubtedly a strong contender amongst urban electric two-wheelers. It presents an appealing ownership proposition today and for the future.

Here is a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the Lectrix LXS G 2.0 electric scooter:



  • Produces no emissions during operation
  • Supports sustainable transportation
  • Lower overall environmental impact

Efficiency & Performance

  • Powerful motor provides good acceleration
  • Top speed of 25 km/h
  • 65 km range per charge adequate for urban commuting
  • Fast 3-hour charging time

Low Operating Costs

  • No expenditures on petrol/diesel
  • The electricity cost for charging batteries is minimal
  • Savings of over 50% compared to fuel scooters

Comfort & Convenience

  • Adjustable seat height for comfort
  • Good leg room and floorboard space
  • Easy maneuverability in city traffic
  • Keyless start & mobile connectivity features


  • LED headlamp provides good visibility
  • Combined braking system for efficient braking
  • A low center of gravity enhances stability


Limited Range

  • Max range of 65 km between charges
  • Inadequate for longer tours/trips

Access to Charging

  • Frequent charging needed
  • Public charging infra availability is still limited

High Initial Cost

  • A purchase price close to 1 lakh is steep
  • Higher than many fuel scooters

Component Importing

  • Electronics/batteries currently imported
  • Foreign exchange impact on costs

Resale Uncertainty

  • Second hand electric scooter market still evolving
  • Resale value after 5+ years uncertain

Let me know if you need any clarification or additional points of comparison.

End of content:

The Lectrix LXS G2.0 makes a compelling case as an urban commuting solution for the environmentally conscious Indian consumer. It blends contemporary EV technology with connectivity, convenience, and practicality at an accessible price point.

With its portable lithium-ion battery pack, optimized energy utilization, and 60 km range between charges, range anxiety issues are effectively minimized for intra-city riding conditions. Thoughtful ergonomics, handling, and braking enhance the overall riding experience as well.

While the higher initial purchase cost may deter some budget-conscious buyers, attractive financing schemes are helping overcome this barrier. And for those who prioritize low TCO and ecologically sustainable transport options, the long-term savings would justify investing in this capable electric scooter.

In summation, the Lectrix LXS G2.0 punches above its weight when viewed against comparable electric two-wheelers from legacy manufacturers as well as new EV brands. Early owners have responded positively and this is reinforced by industry reviews applauding the value, reliability, and ease of use of Lectrix models.

As EV adoption expands in India’s high-density cities battling air & noise pollution, expect Lectrix to be at the forefront of enabling clean urban mobility through smart and sensible electric two-wheelers like the LXS G2.0. Test ride one today at your nearest dealership to see what the buzz around this Indian EV is all about!

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