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2022 Hyundai Tucson Drive Audit Report

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The brand-new Hyundai TUCSON represents a design revolution that has the ability to alter how people view a high-end SUV. Its eye-catching appearance creates a strong and daring road presence. The brand-new Hyundai TUCSON is designed to meet and beyond the expectations of modern luxury seekers and those who actively welcome incorporating cutting-edge global technology, breathtaking contemporary design, and captivating performance into their daily lives.

The all-new Hyundai TUCSON has indeed been designed for professionals who are constantly looking to what they can achieve next. It combines innovative dynamism, modern elegance, smart technologies, and future readiness. That final race is just the start for this group of highfliers, and their ‘Next drives Now.’ An all Hyundai TUCSON is the ideal option of transportation for customers due to its distinct features and identity.

So, let’s get start…Review

2022 Hyundai Tucson – Exterior Look

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Simply, by the way, it looks like it gets off to a nice start. While extreme designs can really be contentious and it may drive out established consumers with much more conventional preferences, Hyundai’s latest Parametric Dynamic style would definitely become a success with the company’s overall apparently known generation of customers.

Including its razor-sharp design which looks like Lamborghini Uruses, does have a lot of wow factor. Although it is not a coupe SUV, the brushed aluminum trim element which curls all along the top of a windows line gives the appearance that it is. This new long-wheelbase model, which Hyundai claims was an easy choice again for car service Indian market, also is very obvious from the side, as well as the beautiful 18-inch alloy wheels tucked beneath a pronounced, angled arch.

Its Hyundai symbol is integrated into the windscreen glass, as well as the rear wiper is hidden beneath the roof-mounted spoiler. Its rear has some particularly interesting details. Its indicator and rear lamps are moved down to the bumper in order to fit the minimalistic tail-lamp arrangement, which consists of a continuous, slender strip of LEDs finishing inside a pair of slash on either side.

However, the primary draw was in the middle. It’s Tucson’s new snout is indeed very different both from its predecessors & very almost every other Hyundai marketed in India. Dark chrome-finished “Parametric” elements inside the grille fan out into the spherical arrangement of angular LEDs that resemble wings. Whereas the headlamps are placed further down, inside the bumper, these LEDs merge into the grill itself when they’re off. It may be controversial, but there is no doubt that it’s going to bring attention.

Hyundai Tucson Color Options

2022 Hyundai Tucson – Interior Look

Even though Tucson has among the best car exterior designs of any SUV on the market, its inside has also been updated and modified to help it compete with its rivals. There is a lot of leg & knee room due to the extended wheelbase. A readily available side switch on the front left seat allows passengers in the back to move it forward or backward. Additionally, there is plenty of head and shoulder room, as well as the huge side windows and an enormous panoramic sunroof, providing the cabin a wide appearance. Moreover, its back’s under-thigh support should have been improved.

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Additionally, there really are two USB charging points, a rear AC vent on the central console’s back, back incline functionality, as well as central armrests and cupholders for rear-seat passengers. However, it Tucson isn’t really designed to be a chauffeur-driven car, so its use is likely to enjoy a lot of the front end as well.

A front dashboard, which really is long and also has lots of soft-touch materials, affirms the premium SUV of Hyundai Motor India’s premium position. These same unique characteristics include front ventilated as well as heated seats, a 10-way power adjustable driver seat to two memory function configurations, as well as an eight-way power extendable front passenger seat. This same feature list definitely includes highlights such as ambient lighting, a Bose audio system, wireless phone charging, support for voice command, ambient sounds, as well as smartwatch connectivity.

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Hyundai is doing wonderful work with display units as usual, as well as the Tucson gets a lot from that. The both main infotainment screen and the driver’s analog-style, all-digital display are 10.25 inches tall and are incorporated into the dashboard. Whereas the entertainment unit typically reacts to touch, both displays are extremely vibrant, and the driver screen does have some interesting visual content. Its main issue, however, is the piano black surface on the entire dashboard, from the infotainment display to the center seat, attracts a significant amount of dust and fingerprints.

I also noticed that the center console’s installation in our test car was incredibly weak, and it could all come with a single strong pull. We investigated additional units to be sure and discovered it was an anomaly.

2022 Hyundai Tucson performance, gearbox, and engine

Hyundai Tucson’s powertrains are one sector in which not much has changed. Like before, there really are two 2.0-liter engines available: a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine paired with a 6-speed torque-converter automatic and a 2.0-liter turbo-diesel engine paired with an 8-speed torque-converter automatic, the latter of which offers all-wheel drive (AWD) on the top model. But, manual gears are still not currently available.

There is a lot to get excited about with Tucson’s top specs of 186 hp and 416 pound-feet of torque, according to Hyundai. However, it isn’t the performance that initially grabs your attention; instead, it’s the smoothness. Whether you’re moving or standing still, the engine is kept well-muffled. The 8-speed automatic gearbox is remarkably fluid; it propels you off the line without flair or twitchiness and swiftly changes throughout its gears. This Tucson has paddle shifters, although to be realistic, I won’t miss them since this gear is quite user-friendly.

It may be because, although its strength, its powertrain likes to be utilized in a relaxed manner when traveling, which would be ideal for a huge family SUV. Yet, there’s really sufficient power, as well as a quick downshift, which can easily achieve with such a quick tap on the throttle if one suddenly needs to overtake three cars on the highway. Except for a slight increase in rpm when using Sport, I didn’t notice any significant change between both the Eco, Normal, Sport, and Smart (adaptive) drive modes either in the engine.

The petrol engine is much less believable, and while it appears quite powerful in the Alcazar, it sometimes feels overpowered in the bigger, larger Tucson, especially when on the highway. Even though its 156 hp and 192 Nm of torque appear sufficient, the conventional naturally aspirated engine lack the powerful semi torque that you’ll find inside its petrol competitors, that all use turbochargers.

Unfortunately, its 6-speed automatic transmission, which is more quick and smart than the 8-speed one on the diesel, is just a bigger annoyance there. Still, it drives reasonably well at slower speeds and also within city limits. There are occasionally delays before such a lower gear or perhaps an upshift, putting yourself either in an uncomfortable holding pattern while moving or forward at higher rpm even though your foot hasn’t dropped. In this case, when the odometer reaches its maximum, its usually quiet petrol engine produces an uncomfortable noise. Most things considered, a Tucson petrol engine performed better when it is used gradually.

2022 Hyundai Tucson – ADAS

The integration of car Level 2 ADAS functions seems to be the new Tucson’s defining quality, wheels down. While ADAS is really not completely innovative and therefore is presently available from companies including Mahindra and MG Motor India, it still provides Tucson a comparative benefit in its own market.

Tucson gets up to 19 ADAS capabilities under the name SmartSense. We thoroughly tested a few of them. In addition, A forward Collision Alert System claims to be capable to recognize pedestrians in addition to cars, motorcycles, and trucks and is extremely effective in its sound (on driver screen) alerts. While it has the choice to automatically slam just on braking in dangerous conditions and avoid a collision, you decided against using it in this situation.

However, its Adaptive Control functions perfectly. Configure it to auto accelerate to a speed your set if there is room and follow the car that’s in front of it. Tucson slows in parallel with cars in order to keep a safe distance. The Hyundai would stop slowly if indeed the car in front of it does. As well as an LVDA, or Lead Vehicle Displacement warning, is being sent out if the moving car veers out of its lane.

All additional features, including Blind Spot Detection (Livestream on drivers display), Cruise Control Assist, Departure Warning, and Blind Spot Collision Prevention Assist, are also outstanding. The audio-visual warning which advises you not to remove your hands when LKA is running is just something I find particularly attractive. An LKA disables after around a minute inside an attempt to just get the user to take control. Unfortunately, whenever it is disabled, the driver display only shows a visual message; a sound wave also is needed.

Additional important features are Drivers Awareness Warning, High-Beam Assist, and Safe Exit Warning, among others.

Hyundau Tucson Riding Comforts

A previous Tucson’s strength in terms of ride quality is maintained now. The SUV has a strong attitude and therefore is designed to buffer the hard edge off bumps and craters thanks to its large, thick 235/60 R18 wheels and tires. A petrol Tucson is set up significantly gentler than diesel, which results in a little benefit in the way it manages lower-speed road defects and also increases the likelihood of physical movements or rolling.

Regardless of the type you select, this SUV is generally gently put up, which is perfect for the function for which it was designed. It handles potholes and sharp speed breaks with confidence in the town and causes little interior intrusion.

The suspension works quietly as well, making only a faint “staff” from big tires if you make a little too much pressure. The steering is smooth and light, as it is on other Hyundai cars, which makes it easy to handle in cities.

Exceptionally well-balanced driving on the highway helps this Tucson to comfortably keep three-digit speeds. Its driving and the smooth powertrain, as well as the structure, that keeps things in control out here, make this a fantastic highway cruiser.

This really is particularly true of the diesel version. This Tucson isn’t a sporty performing SUV, as you may have already realized. It’s better to refrain from attempting to push the driving to its ultimate limit since it isn’t very fast or quick and there is lot of body drift in the corners.

Overview | R 2.0 l Diesel 8-Speed Automatic

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EngineR 2.0 l
Fuel typeDiesel
Maximum Power137 kW @ 4000 RPM
Maximum Torque416 Nm @ 2000 – 2750 RPM
Transmission Type8-speed AT
Seating Capacity5
Front & RearDisc
Steering typePower
Boot space539 litres
Fuel Tank Capacity54

Overview | R 2.0 l Diesel 6-Speed Automatic

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EngineNu 2.0 l
Fuel typePetrol
Maximum Power114.7 kW @ 6200 RPM
Maximum Torque192 Nm @ 4500 RPM
Transmission Type6-speed AT
Seating Capacity5
Front & RearDisc
Steering typePower
Boot space539 litres
Fuel Tank Capacity54

2022 Hyundai Tucson Ex-showroom Price in Chennai

Check the Ex-showroom price of Hyundai Tucson car in other states

Nu 2.0 Petrol 6-Speed Automatic Platinum AT₹ 2,769,700
Nu 2.0 Petrol 6-Speed Automatic Signature AT₹ 3,017,000
Nu 2.0 Petrol 6-Speed Automatic Signature AT DT₹ 3,032,000
R 2.0 Diesel 8-Speed Automatic DSL Platinum AT₹ 3,019,700
R 2.0 Diesel 8-Speed Automatic DSL Signature AT₹ 3,287,000
R 2.0 Diesel 8-Speed Automatic DSL Signature AT DT₹ 3,302,000
R 2.0 Diesel 8-Speed Automatic Signature 4WD AT₹ 3,439,000
R 2.0 Diesel 8-Speed Automatic Signature 4WD AT DT₹ 3,454,000
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