How many types of automobile

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In our daily life, we come across various types of cars, motorcycle etc., but we have no idea how many types of automobile there are in the world. I will introduce you to their types.

What is Automobile?

Automobiles are wheeled motor vehicles used for transportation a one place to another place. Most definitions of a car say that a car is driven primarily on the road, can accommodate 1 to 10 peoples, has four wheels, and is used primarily to transport people rather than goods carrying passengers on the ground, such as car, bus, trucks, etc. Cars began to be advanced economies depend on cars.


According to the capacity, the vehicles are divided into light vehicles and heavy vehicles. Light motor vehicles can carry light objects and are small in size and weight. However, heavy motor vehicles can transport very heavy materials and are large in mass and size.

A) Light motor vehicles: Motorcycle, Car, Scooter.

B) Heavy motor vehicles: Bus, Tractor, Truck.

The fuel used in vehicles can be divided into petrol cars, diesel cars, electric vehicles.

Petrol vehicles: Car, Motorcycle, Scooter.

Diesel vehicles: Truck, Bus, Tractor, Off-road Car.

Electric vehicles: forklift, battery car, battery bike.

Types of Automobiles:

There are different types of automobiles. Passenger cars, trucks, and automobiles used to construct roads and buildings. They are produced using the most advanced technology in automobile field.

They are different types of the automobile they are.

  1. Passenger vehicles
  2. Cargo vehicles
  3. Special vehicles

Passenger Vehicles:

Passenger automobile is transport the people in one place to another place. For example buses, Taxis, and private cars are passenger cars, etc. various type of passenger cars are available.

types of automobile

Cargo Vehicles:

Cargo automobile are designed with heavy load objects and can carrying goods. We can load all kinds of goods in trucks and vans, tanker trucks have liquid containers like water, gasoline, container trucks can only carrying containers. There is also a special vehicle to transport cement. Frozen (refrigerated) trucks transport fresh fish, meat and vegetables.

types of automobile

Special vehicles:

Special vehicles for various purposes, such as crane vehicles in construction sites, road rollers in road construction, and forklifts in warehouses.

types of automobile