Ferrari’s Combustion Engines Set to Thrive with E-Fuel Beyond 2035

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Over the past few years, there has been a concerted effort to phase out the sale of new cars powered by combustion engines by 2035. This transition posed a challenge for iconic brands like Ferrari, as their cars have always been renowned for the exhilarating experience delivered by powerful V8 or V12 engines. However, as legislation continues to develop, there is now a growing possibility that combustion-engined vehicles may extend their lifespan beyond 2035 if they can utilize environmentally friendly fuels.

While the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, Ferrari is proactively moving forward with its plans to introduce its first electric car in 2025. According to Benedetto Vigna, the CEO of Ferrari, the company is also on track to achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2030. However, Vigna emphasizes that the rapid progress in the development of e-fuels has exceeded expectations, indicating that internal combustion engines (ICE) still have a significant role to play.

Reflecting on recent discussions regarding the adoption of e-fuels, Vigna remarked, “I anticipated this happening around 2025 or 2026.” He further added, “This is highly advantageous for us because it allows cars to operate on neutral fuels. I firmly believe that the two concepts are highly compatible, and this strengthens our strategic approach.”

Ferrari has been relatively tight-lipped about its long-term strategy, keeping it closely guarded. The company has revealed minimal information about the future evolution of its products. While it is evident that Ferrari will continue to develop combustion engines, specific details remain undisclosed. Vigna simply stated that the company will persist in launching vehicles encompassing hybrid, electric, and combustion engine technologies.

The first electric vehicle from Ferrari has also been shrouded in secrecy. In a previous interview with Top Gear magazine, Vigna described it as a “unique, true Ferrari” experience. This week, he disclosed that suppliers have been identified, and the vehicle is nearly prepared to make its highly anticipated debut.

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