BMW Concept Car

BMW Concept Car New Innovation in Automotive Design

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If you are a BMW fan, then need to keep a look out for BMW Concept Cars. These kinds of cars were created to test the boundaries of the possible while at the same time settling honor to the earlier times and inquiring about current customs and practices.

The next generation of cars is the focus of BMW’s Concept Cars, which highlight the best in automotive design. If you like cars with electric power, hybrid technologies, or classic power cars there is a BMW Concept Car for you. With each new Concept Vehicle, BMW sets the standard and challenges past the limits that define what is possible in the field of cars.

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It is not available to buy the BMW Vision Neue Klasse, it is a concept car. It is an amazing electric car powered by modern technological innovations and ecological principles. BMW Vision Neue Klasse fits BMW’s ability for creativity in key areas such as electrical power, digitization, and circularity. Here are a few important components of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse:

  • Sustainable principles power electric cars
  • Tech and design for the next generation
  • Combines BMW’s skill sets to innovate in electrical power and circularity.

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse is a glimpse towards the future of electric cars and showcases what the next generation of BMW cars could appear like. It shows BMW’s dedication to innovation and ecological responsibility.


The BMW i Vision Dee is a concept car that debuted at the CES 2023 in Las Vegas. It cannot be purchased at the moment. The i Vision Dee is a totally electric car with sympathetic technology and a futuristic style.


The BMW i Vision Dee concept vehicle has several distinguishing features, including:

  • Color-changing bodywork
  • Minimalist design
  • HUD across the whole windshield
  • Digital rearview mirrors
  • E-ink displays for the door handle
  • Voice assistant technology


Although no official performance data for the i Vision Dee have been revealed, it is projected to have exceptional electric range and acceleration capabilities.


As the i Vision Dee is a concept vehicle, there is no official pricing information available. It is not currently available for purchase.


As previously stated, the BMW i Vision Dee is not presently for sale. It is unknown whether BMW intends to produce a production version of the car in the future.


The BMW i Vision Circular is a concept car that is not for sale. The automobile is planned to be totally electric and employs circular design concepts to limit the quantity of materials consumed and emphasize recycling. The BMW i Vision Circular is a research that looks ahead to a small car for the year 2040 that is focused firmly on sustainability and luxury. It symbolizes the BMW Group’s ambitious goal of being the world’s most sustainable manufacturer in the individual premium mobility arena.

Here are some key features of the BMW i Vision Circular:

  • Fully electric vehicle
  • Circular design principles
  • Reduction of materials used
  • Focus on recycling materials
  • Compact vehicle for the year 2040
  • Focused on sustainability and luxury

The circular economy informed the design of the BMW i Vision Circular. The body of the automobile was built by BMW using recyclable and recycled materials; to facilitate recycling, several elements of the vehicle are even engineered to “fall apart” at the touch of a button. Recycled fishing nets and cork are among the sustainable elements used in the car’s interior design. The BMW i Vision Circular demonstrates BMW’s dedication to lessening its environmental effect and offers a look into the sustainable luxury vehicle of the future.


The Vantablack® BMW X6 is an exclusive concept car that can’t be bought. It is covered with Vantablack VBx2, a Vantablack variation that was first created for scientific and architectural applications. This coating is the darkest substance ever created since it absorbs 99% of visible light. With a total hemispherical reflectance (THR) of one percent, the BMW X6 covered with Vantablack VBx2 is among the darkest automobiles ever produced.

Here are some key features of the Vantablack® BMW X6:

  • Coated with Vantablack VBx2, the blackest material known to man
  • Captures 99% of visible light, obscuring contours and hiding features
  • Total hemispherical reflectance (THR) of one percent, making it one of the darkest cars ever made
  • Concept vehicle shown, not available for purchase

The Vantablack® BMW X6 is a remarkable feat of engineering and design, showcasing the cutting edge of automotive technology. While it may not be available for purchase, it is a testament to the creativity and innovation of BMW’s design team.


The BMW Vision M Next is a concept vehicle that was showcased by BMW. Unfortunately, it is not available for purchase. Here are some key features of the BMW Vision M Next:

  • Electric vehicle with a hybrid powertrain
  • Laser-etched illuminated kidney grille
  • Geometric side air intakes
  • Integrated headlights
  • Driver-focused interior design
  • State-of-the-art technology for an enhanced driving experience

A beautiful concept car showcasing the newest advancements in electric and hybrid drivetrain technology is the BMW Vision M Next. Its futuristic appearance is enhanced by its integrated headlamps, geometric side air intakes, and lighted, laser-etched kidney grille, all of which add to its very athletic appearance.

Modern technology inside complements the driver-focused interior design to improve the driving experience. Although it isn’t for sale, the BMW Vision M Next offers an idea of what the company’s portfolio of electric and hybrid cars may look like in the future.