Aprilia SXR 125 audit, detail review

Aprilia launches many scooters in the 1 lakh price segment for example Aprilia SXR 160 price is Rs.1,30 lakh in Chennai, but the 2021 Aprilia SXR 125 price is 1.18 lakh in Chennai. Aprilia SXR 160 & Aprilia SXR 125 designs are the same no changes. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to test out Aprilia’s newest 125cc scooter, the SXR125. The SXR 125 is the Aprilia SXR 160 with a smaller displacement engine that complements and pioneers these changes. How it works in the real world. We are testing in the right direction.


The only confirmation that comes to mind when I ride the SXR125 test scooter is that Italians are good at making everything look great. Besides the beautiful black paint hidden on the test bike, the LED headlights draw attention and illuminate the dark streets very well. Interestingly, the numbers on the iBall SXR125 are different from other scooters I’ve seen.

Aprilia SXR

Ergonomically, the seat can comfortably seat two adults and there is plenty of lounge space. However, it is difficult to use it as an actual scooter because the child’s backrest is inconvenient. Even the six-foot-tall Reshad leans in the back and isn’t happy with the shape of the one-piece seat. He also wanted the handle to be wider.


Now let’s answer an important question that has haunted us since driving the SXR125. How does it work? In the first car, we thought that if the SXR125 was 9.52hp and 9.2Nm in the same range as other 125cc motorcycles, the weight gain in that class would affect performance. We confirmed our concern by connecting a VBOX tester to the scooter.

Acceleration time from 0 to 60 km/h was 11.2 seconds for the SXR 125 and 27.44 seconds for 90 km/h. Those numbers don’t even come close to even the fastest 125cc motorcycles like the Suzuki Access 125 and TVS Ntorq 125. This is not surprising given that the SXR125 has a weight ratio of 74.96 hp/ton. The acceleration values ​​also indicate that the speed of the Aprilia SXR125 is gradually increasing. For example, moving at a speed of 30-70 km/h takes 14.64 seconds and you have to wait patiently when passing over an overpass.

Aprilia SXR 125

Although it is slow, the engine is a little surprised by the thrust at 80-85 km/h and above. Keeping the throttle short behind the windshield will result in digital speeds exceeding 100km/h, but the problem is that most people don’t use this great feat for 90% of their scooter’s life. Alternatively, the scooter is more fun if the propulsion is set to low power, especially in the city.

The obvious advantage of the SXR125 over its 160cc sibling is its high fuel consumption. During our test drive, the SXR 125 reached 46.47 kb in the city and 51.91 kb on the highway, compared to the SXR 160s 33.57 kb and 36.43 kb. These consumption values ​​​​are appropriate given the total mass of the moving engine.

Riding/Handling experences

The SXR 125 has all the fire thanks to its high-temperature performance but offers impressive stability and quick handling. These changes occur when operating stably at low speeds, but are greatly improved at high speeds.

Aprilia SXR 125

Also, since the scooter is 18.25m higher than 60km/h, the brakes are stronger and provide slower acceleration, which is nice. Also, the CBS has been properly tuned and the rear brake lever grip has not been significantly reduced. Still, it’s undeniable that ABS is welcome. Especially on the rainy road, we have chosen.


No of Cylinders1
Cubic Capacity (cc)124.45cc
Cooling SystemFan-cooled
Fuel Delivery SystemFuel-injection
Valves per cylinder3
Max Power 9.52hp at 7600rpm
Max Torque 9.2Nm at 6250rpm
Gearbox TypeCVT
Clutch TypeCentrifugal clutch
Dimensions & ChassisPetrol
Weight (kg)128kg
Length (mm)1963mm
Width (mm)803mm
Wheelbase (mm)1361mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 7 litres
Front Brake TypeDisc
Front Brake Size (mm)220mm
Rear Brake TypeDrum
Rear Brake Size (mm)140mm
Front SuspensionTelescopic fork
Rear SuspensionMonoshock
Front-wheel12 inch
Front Tyre120/70-12
Rear-wheel12 inch
Rear Tyre120/70-12
City 46.48kpl
Highway 51.91kpl
Overall Range37 to 40km


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