Williams Advanced Engineering is working with Nyobolt on the next generation battery for electric vehicles

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Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) and niobium-based battery startup Nyobolt announced a system integration and engineering partnership to support and promote additional solutions for next-generation high-power battery systems.

The first step of this partnership will be to evaluate and further develop the technology through close cooperation, and the next step will be a technology demonstration event to raise market awareness of this exciting technological development-Fast charging capability, very suitable for motorsports applications; in this industry, WAE is currently the leading supplier of batteries that support Extreme E, Formula E Gen 3, and ETCR.

The life cycle of this technology is significantly higher than that of standard lithium-ion batteries, making it ideal for next-generation applications that require high power, long life, or high cycles. In addition, the technology will be applicable to heavy-duty power systems, such as those used in the mining industry, where the current goal of the industry is zero emissions.

The life cycle of this technology is significantly higher than standard lithium-ion batteries, so it is very suitable for next-generation applications. Need high power, long life, or high cycle. The market opportunity is expected to exceed 30 GWh.

Technical Director Paul McNamara said: “We are happy to be part of this system integration and engineering partnership. We believe this will solve a wide range of opportunities in many different applications. We look forward to working with the Nyobolt team.” Advanced Engineering.