Discover the Top 5 GTA RP FiveM Servers 

Explore the best beginner-friendly GTA RP servers for a thrilling gaming experience in 2023.

1. Designer Gas Club Gaming

Join DGC, the ultimate choice for new RP players, offering diverse roles and a balanced economy.

2. BlueBird RP: An Australian Gem 

Experience Australian GTA RP excellence with BlueBird RP - an inclusive server for all.

3. CityLife RolePlay 

Embrace peace and civilian life with CityLife RolePlay, the Non-Whitelisted server of your dreams.

4. New Day RP: Where Choices Matter 

Navigate a world of daily wage jobs and crime paths in the veteran New Day RP server.

5. Badlands RP: For the Adults 

Get ready for action in Badlands RP, where adults can immerse themselves in balanced and fun gameplay.