TVS Apache RTR 165 RP reserved

TVS has documented brand names for Apache RTR 165 RP, and TVS Race Performance, indicating the introduction of another Race Performance sub-brand, with the forthcoming Apache being the primary bicycle in it. Prone to be all the more impressive, Customizable suspension, ride modes a chance. Race Performance sub-brand could be dispatched

Having quite recently refreshed its leader bike, the Apache RR 310, TVS currently is by all accounts working diligently on the more modest Apaches. Simply last month, it documented a brand name for the name Apache RTR 165 RP, implying that a beefed-up variant of its Apache RTR 160 4V could be in progress.

TVS Apache RTR 165 RP: highlights

Considering the class-driving provisions that TVS has been carrying out on the entirety of its models as of late, it’s likewise not very outlandish to expect a customizable front fork on the RTR 165 RP. Riding modes are additionally a particular chance – all things considered, TVS offers them even on its 125cc bike, the Ntorq Race XP.


The RP is relied upon to represent Race Performance, for which TVS has additionally recorded a brand name simultaneously last month. The knock-up in uprooting and the RP moniker persuades us to think that presentation is a high need on this forthcoming Apache, and all things considered, motor internals will be revamped to accomplish this.

The opposition makes certain to shiver at this idea, on the grounds that the RTR 160 4V is as of now the most impressive cruiser in its section, by a serious distance. We just expect that TVS doesn’t forfeit its fantastic refinement in the journey for more force.

Release Date and Expected Price:

Yes, TVS has registered the trademark for the new Apache, but it also registered the Fiero 125 nameplate last November and we have yet to see this motorcycle decoration. The Apache RTR 165 RP may not be what you think, or perhaps the car is nearing completion and TVS has registered the Race Performance name in preparation for the launch of the sub-brand.

Time will answer. If so, the RTR 165 RP could be around Rs 5,000-10,000 more than the RTR 160 4V, depending on how many changes. For reference, the RTR 160 4V is currently priced at Rs 1.12 (Showroom, Delhi). The 200 4V starts at just Rs 1.33, which gives the TV the ability to play.


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