Tesla’s autopilot has become America’s scanner again

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The US government has launched a formal investigation into the Tesla Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) following a series of accidents in which a Tesla vehicle collided with a vehicle. emergency room. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 11 accidents, 17 injuries, and 1 death, as well as 7,655,000 vehicles, may be affected. An autopilot system with light signs and traffic cones was previously investigated by the NTSB.


Why NHTSA, Tesla survey

NHTSA says the US Department of Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) has identified 11 road accidents involving Tesla that occurred while participating in a “first aid point” through emergency services. Most of these accidents occur after dark when hazard lights, road signs, and traffic lights are on. Each Tesla involved in the crash had its own autopilot or controller, according to NHTSA.

When an accident approaches, the driver assistance system is activated. The injured vehicle collided with one or more vehicles at the ambulance station. The autopilot can control the direction and speed of the vehicle using a Level 2 ADAS system, but the NHTSA statement said that “the primary responsibility for detecting and observing objects and events that will react rests with the driver.”

NHTSA said the study “evaluated the methods and methodologies used to monitor, support, and implement driver participation in dynamic autopilot control tasks.” The circumstances leading to the accident are also analyzed.

Previous Investigations:

Autopilot was previously investigated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTSB) and NHTSA Tesla has implemented a better system to alert drivers when autopilot is activated. Not only is Tesla not enough to prevent abuse of the system announced last year, but NHTSA’s working approach to regulating ADAS and related technologies also ignores the risks of those systems.

Progress in India:

Tesla plans to enter the Indian market when the automaker opens its headquarters in Bangalore. The automaker originally imported cars to India through the CBU. Recently, automakers have been trying to lower tariffs on imports of electric vehicles to Korea. A recent report suggests that the automatic import duty on the card could be changed.