I want to see above 8 lakhs bikes in India


Top 10 Bikes Under INR 10 Lakh in 2020 Motorcycles can you buy with a budget of INR 8-11 lakh in India. Motorcycle fans are mostly stuck with their and sometimes out on even better options around the price tag. Maxabout is here to bring you a wider view of life, listing the top 10 … Read more

Top 10 luxury cars in the world 2020

luxury cars

Many car brands launch many luxury cars, but some brands built the most expensive customize cars will launch in the world. List of expensive and premium car brands in 2020 they are. The money is not a matter for luxury car lovers. The Top 10 luxury cars in the world 2020, the new technology and … Read more

why fuel injection is better than a carburetor?

Carburetor vs Fuel Injection

The carburetor and fuel injection are used as an Internal Combustion Engine. The internal combustion engine of the early years used a simple fuel drip system that although did the job, resulted in fuel wastage and poor fuel mileage. Fuel Injection or MPFI system. In the automobile industry starting time carburetor has used cars, motorcycles, … Read more