Top 10 Safest cars in India 2021-2022

In 2014, Global NCAP performed the first crash tests on Indian cars. We introduced our first 5-star rated vehicle in 2018, and by 2021, not only has this number increased but there is now a 4-star rated made-in-India EV in the mix. We take a look at the ten safest made-in-India vehicles currently on the market.

List of safest cars in India rated by Global NCAP

#10 Honda Jazz – 4/5 Rating


Honda’s Jazz was one of the most recent vehicles to be tested, and it received a 4-star rating, to 13.89 points from a possible 17. According to the report, the Jazz’s structure has been stable and it could withstand additional loading, and adult occupants had good to adequate head and chest protection. However, front occupant knee protection has been rated as marginal due to the potential impact with ‘dangerous structures behind the dashboard.’

Meanwhile, child occupant protection received three stars due to the lack of ISOFIX mounting points and the limited protections offered to child occupants. The Jazz is now the second-highest rated hatchback in global NCAP testing, trailing only the 5-star Altroz.

#9 Toyota Urban Cruiser – 4/5 Rating


The Vitara Brezza-based smaller SUV scored a strong four stars for grown-up assurance, with 13.52 calls attention to a limit of 17. The bodyshell was evaluated ‘steady’ and equipped for enduring further loadings. In any case, the vehicle recorded just minor assurance for the driver’s knees, and the traveler’s right knee, as they could have contact with structures behind the dashboard. For youngster insurance, it scored a three-star rating getting 36.68 calls attention to of 49. Before long, the Urban Cruiser is set to get a significant update, and almost certainly, the accident testing rating score for the refreshed model could change.

#8 Mahindra Thar – 4/5 Rating


Mahindra’s second-generation Thar is not only a strong off-roader, but it’s also a safe one. The second-generation off-roader earns four ratings for adult (12.52) and child occupant protection. Interestingly, the Thar range was updated as a result of the safety score, with Mahindra limiting it to just models with front-facing rear seats.

Previously, the SUV could be ordered with side-facing passenger seats in the second row. In terms of safety, the Thar comes standard with twin airbags, ABS, rear parking sensors, as well as a roll cage, with the fully-loaded variant also including ESP. The second-generation Thar starts at Rs 12.79 lakh.

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#7 Tata Tiago/Tigor and Tigor EV – 4/5 Rating


Tigor Ev is a 4-star rating as the Mahindra Thar, scoring 12.52 points out of a possible 17. The Tata brothers, however, trail the Thar in the list, with just a 3-star child occupant safety rating due to the lack of ISOFIX supports – compared to the Thar’s four.

Aside from the normal versions, Tata also received a 4-star safety certification for the upgraded Tigor EV the first electric car to be assessed by Global NCAP. While the score is lower than the standard model – Twelve points as opposed to overall – it is still commendable, given that the EV must contend with the added weight and mass of the underbody battery pack.

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#6 Mahindra Marazzo – 4/5 Rating


A Mahindra Marazzo, the first made-in-India MPV to receive a 4-star rating, outperformed people carriers such as the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. The Marazzo MPV received a rating of 12.85 out of 17 for adult safety & 22.22 out of 49 for child occupancy (two stars) owing to standard safety features such as twin front airbags, ABS, a driver’s side seat-belt reminder, front seat-belt make a particular, and ISOFIX anchorages for the rear seats. This number also indicates that it is the safest MPV available in India. Prices now vary between Rs 12.42 lakh to Rs 14.49 lakh.

#5 Tata Nexon – 5/5 Rating


The Nexon holds the big difference concerning the existence of the first made-in-India self in accordance with stand awarded a full 5- big name protection adjustable via global NCAP. Tata’s close-fitting SUV was initially awarded a 4- famous person standing, along with the carmaker upgrading the mannequin submit the consequences or transferring it lower back because of a deflect spherical where such performed every 5 stars. The Nexon’s child-home stable is ternary stars.

The factor according to notice is so much that was once a pre-facelift model up to expectation walked beneath together with the standing, including the mannequin at present concerning trade further upgraded according to join rambler safety morals. All variants over the Tata Nexon take place including twins airbags, ABS or ISOFIX child-seat mounts as much standard. Presently, the extensive Tata Nexon extent is priced from Rs7.30 lakh, together with prices currently up in accordance with Rs13.35 lakh because of the top-spec diesel-automatic model.

#4 Tata Altroz – 5/5 Rating


Currently the safest made-in-India hatchback regarding sale within the market, the Altroz is Tata’s 2nd 5-star rated model within the record for grown-up occupant protection. Interestingly, whilst primarily based on the same platform so the Punch, the creature didn’t score as nicely as much the recent regarding toddler occupant protection, securing 3 stars namely the back regarding the hinder seat unlatched within the take a look at yet the three-year-old dummy’s tip performed advice together with the interior.

Standard protection kit throughout the Altroz extent (Rs 5.90-9.65 lakh, ex-showroom, pan-India) includes twins airbags, ABS with EBD, hinder parking sensors, seat-belt reminders for the face seats, then Isofix child-seat mounts. Higher versions accumulate kits such as height-adjustable go seat belts, a posterior parking camera, then front then late fog lamps.

#3 Mahindra XUV300 – 5/5 Rating


Mahindra’s sub-4m SUV additionally gets a 5-star ranking because of grown-up occupancy, even though it’s a rating of about such losing certain area among the listing. The SUV also rankings IV stars because of child occupant protection. Like the lousy fashions regarding that listing, the XUV300 packs between norm kit certain so joining airbags, ABS including EBD, rear circle brakes, ISOFIX child-seat mounts, basis facia reminders then hinder parking sensors.

Higher-spec duplicate conjoins between even extra security kit including Hexa airbags, front parking sensors, electronic permanency program, go then hinder fog lamps, a tire pressure government system then an after parking camera. Updates publish the XUV’s launch, though, bear seen bits certain namely the rear center three-point basis facia and a driver squeeze airbag being dropped out of the gear list.

#2 Mahindra XUV700 – 5/5 Rating


Mahindra’s XUV700 was undoubtedly the country’s largest introduction of the year, and while its amazing list of features drew a lot of attention, Mahindra didn’t make safety a secondary concern. The only three-row SUV to receive a complete 5-star rating is the XUV700. Child occupant safety receives four stars as well.

The XUV700 has a lot of safety equipment, and although cheaper models just receive the essentials, fully equipped variants get everything, including seven airbags and sophisticated driving aids like automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and more. The SUV700 has priced between Rs 12.49 lakh to Rs 22.99 lakh.

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#1 Tata Punch – 5/5 Rating


Tata has kept its commitment that the Punch’s safety is a top concern. The Punch, the carmaker’s third 5-star certified vehicle in recent years, just beats out the XUV300 to top the list with adult occupant safety. The Punch also receives a 4-star rating for kid occupant protection.

All of the fundamental safety equipment is standard on the Punch, including twin airbags, ABS, front seat belt reminders, rear parking sensors, and ISOFIX child seat anchors. Fully-loaded varieties include features like automatic headlamps and wipers, while AMT variants gain a low-traction mode to help with grip on slick conditions. The Punch is priced from Rs 5.49 lakh and Rs 9.39 lakh.

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