Pratap Bose may be the director of the new Mahindra design

Pratap Bose may become Mahindra’s new Design Director, allowing him to take on the task of leading Mahindra Advanced Design (MAD) in the UK. The local automaker just announced the establishment of a dedicated facility that will be responsible for guiding the future design language of all Mahindra automotive products. Bose recently resigned from Tata Motors to serve as the company’s vice president of global design.

After resigning from Tata, Bose can head Mahindra’s design department. Mahindra will be responsible for Mahindra’s two-wheeler, agricultural and passenger vehicle products. Mahindra is establishing a dedicated design center in Coventry, UK.

Bose’s interest in Mahindra:

Pratap Bose joined Tata Motors in 2007 and was appointed the company’s chief designer in 2011. He was promoted to vice president in 2019. During his 14-year tenure, he was hailed as a member of the campaign he led new discoveries.

From the Tiago hatchback to the new Tata Safari, this reflects the automaker’s superb design, and its success even earned it a nomination for the 2021 World Car of the Year Award. However, with most series rankings of products that Tata will launch in the next few years, designers would have been looking for new challenges, which is what the Mahindra Group offers in spades.

The Next Generation Vehicle (PV) Market Segment. It is also preparing all-electric products based on its new “Born Electric” skate deck. Then there is Peugeot Motorcycles, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mahindra Group. You may find that Bose has returned to the two-wheeler game in Piaggio’s early days, and Mahindra UK’s leading Design Center is a perfect fit with Bose.

You are looking, especially considering that you intend to continue working in the Indian company. For Mahindra, this is likely to be a big win too. The robust and cohesive design has always been insufficient in Mahindra armor. This senior designer can inject new vitality into the company’s work.

M.A.D.E Helps Mahindra Accelerate Product Development:

M.A.D.E will strengthen Mahindra’s design verticality, including Mahindra Design Studio in Mumbai and Pininfarina Design in Turin, Italy. Its mission is to oversee “the global design capabilities of two-wheelers, agricultural equipment, and automotive.”

Then the British studio will play a key role in giving Mahindra a unique identity for next-generation products. MADE can also help automakers shorten the product development cycle by working closely with the R&D department at Mahindra Research Valley (MRV).

It’s worth noting that MADE is establishing itself in Coventry, UK, which is a hotbed of cutting-edge car design. Hence, it is home to the design studios of many of the major automakers, including rival Tata Motors. Motors) and Jaguar (Jaguar) and other Land Rover and Geely.

This will help Mahindra enter the global talent pool and build a strong team. It is also very suitable for Bose, who already work at Leamington Spa near Coventry.


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