2021 New Kia Motors 4-seater Carnival Limousine report

Kia Motors introduced the 4th generation carnival minivan to the world in 2020 and announced a new four-seater high sedan. Ahead of the official release of the new model, we also covered the carnival version for 4 people. The Carnival High Sedan with adjustable suspension features a range of features only available to rear-seat passengers and comes in a capacity of just 3.5 liters. Smartstream V6 gasoline engine.

Interior and Equipment

Optimized for exceptional comfort, the 4-seater Carnival High Limousine offers ample space and individuality. Of course, the two large aircraft seats in the second row are integrated with three-dimensional leather and are plump, and are equipped with high-quality seat materials. These standard seats on most sedans also have high footrests, and these seats are equipped with a feature called “Premium Comfort Seats” that helps Kia distribute stress on the hips and back.

The two chairs can do different things and have their own trays. The second-row seats also feature a wireless charging console and on/cold cup holders, and a 7.0-inch touchscreen can control various seat functions within the rear center unit. The screen can also be used to control other functions such as air conditioning, rear-seat lights, a 21.5-inch smart screen on the roof, and a foot massager behind the front passenger.

This foot massager was developed jointly with health company Hu-Tech to provide a comfortable experience for travelers. Other interesting interiors of this Hi4 carnival limousine are hot and cold water locks that can hold drinks of different sizes and a storage box in the back that can be used to store items such as shoes and umbrellas. Space is maximized with hangers and ceiling-floor storage boxes.

Engine, Transmission, and Chassis Details

Under the hood, it is the only four-seater Carnival Hi sedan with a 3.5-liter Smartstream V6 petrol engine that generates 250PS and 355Nm of torque. The engine is interlocked with an eight-speed automatic transmission that transmits the engine only to the front wheels, but the problem is that the basic chassis is reattached to the four-seater carnival high sedan. This is the ride comfort of Kia Motors.

Estimated priced at $53,000 and $56,000 [approximately ₹40 lakhs]. Also, to use the four-seater model, you will need to purchase about $77,000 (about 60 lakh).

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