MG wants to highlight Astor in the competitive mid-range SUV segment from ADAS, AI Astor

Astor will be the next product in MG’s portfolio to launch next month in India. The midsize SUV will face stiff competition from XUV700, alcazar, safari, Crete, Seltos, Kushaq & Taigun. In a recent conversation about the automaker’s strategy to fill a tricky gap, Rajiv Chaba, President and CEO of MG Motor India, “We have to be different.” So, from a security standpoint, I think Layer 2 standalone capabilities are a good differentiator. By raising the bar for secure voice commands for ADAS and adding AI capabilities, Astor can bring to market with 50% localization. assistant. on the phone.

ADAS, AI will be a new product

The Astor has Level 2 Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and includes active safety features such as adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and lane departure warning. Lane Departure Avoidance, Intelligent Lighting Control, Rear Driver Assistance, and Speed ​​Assist. There are no direct competitors to the Korean and European automaker Astor in India. A segment or two above.

For example, the three-line Gloucester MG includes some of these systems. The recently announced XUV700 also includes ADAS, but Mahindra is half of Aster and a direct competitor to Hector. Each company introduced its own version of the voice command and connected car functions. MG India goes even further and adds artificial intelligence to the car’s personal assistant.

MG AI Aster

With its help, you can answer the questions of the owner. But it’s unclear if customers are actually using the AI ​​feature or just see it as a fun trick. Leveraging the latest technology is more important than ever, but revitalizing vehicle dynamics and performance remains essential. This is what the MG needs to specifically identify strong candidates in this category. On paper, the Astor looks like a competitor with a 120 horsepower 1.5-liter petrol pump and a 163 horsepower 1.3-liter turbocharged petrol engine. These machines are common in this segment.

ADAS Implementation Despite India’s chaotic road conditions

Mass-market participants generally see less than ideal road and road conditions, along with cost constraints, as reasons not to consider ADAS. For example, lack of discipline among road users and lack of lane markings can reduce the effectiveness of the system. But MG’s point of view is different. “Well, they don’t work in all the traffic disorders. So, wait for traffic to become normal and civilized? I do not think so. There are many good roads in India. good road conditions.

Traffic from other locations and at least in this area can use ADAS. Whenever confusion arises, people can interfere with these functions. “Khava confirmed. He continued. ” We don’t want to wait for the perfect solution at the right time. I believe that there is no perfect moment or perfect solution. You need to deal with this anomaly and find the best solution for this situation.

Until recently, advanced safety systems replaced Indian luxury car manufacturers, but players like MG and Mahindra could also dominate the mass market. “I think we are democratizing the technology at a reasonable cost and people will want to use this tool,” added Csaba. This will undoubtedly help to increase the level of safety expected from any vehicle in our market. As such, cutting-edge safety technology appears to be the next battleground for Indian automakers, with MG India aiming to prevail in this battle.

MG plans to sell 3,000 Astor per month

Astor is expected to significantly increase the number of MGs in India. “We are currently producing about 4,000 units per month. Our plan and task are to promote up to 7000 units per month in Halol. Our goal is to make our plant sustainable and profitable. ” Thereafter, the plan is to maximize the plant by increasing its annual production capacity to 100,000 units by next year.

Chaba also announced that Astor will be offered 50% localization. “We started at 50 percent and then continued,” he said. “We are very focused on localization and this happens in several stages. In two years we need to achieve localization up to 70-75%, ”he added. Rated MG Astor. Especially if your competitors localize more than 90% from the very beginning.

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