Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX idea uncovered

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The new Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX concept is said to set new energy efficiency norms in order to achieve a “real-world range of more than 1,000km” – 230km longer than the EQS flagship EV.

The Vision EQXX Concept is around the size of a C-Class.
It is powered by a single 204hp electric motor positioned at the back.
The cabin includes a 47.5-inch digital monitor and is made of environmentally friendly materials.

The rakish compact car is the latest in a long series of Mercedes-Benz design studies that have been made public. It was created to put existing EV concepts to the test in a program aimed at hatching new ideas, techniques, and technologies for use in future EVs.

The prototype is a running and functioning prototype, so according to Mercedes head of research Markus Schäfer, and it even incorporates a version of the existing MBUX infotainment system. It uses a prototype of Mercedes-next-generation Benz’s EV drivetrain, which will go into manufacturing in 2024 and features innovative battery technology.

The EQXX is “at least one segment smaller” than the EQE, according to chief designer Gordon Wagener, suggesting that it might be manufactured as just an electric alternative of the C-Class in the future.

The Exterior:

The EQXX’s front end is more sports car-like, with a low leading edge, a short bonnet, shapely fenders, and wide wheelhouses. The distinctive Mercedes grille has been replaced with a star pattern integrated into the front bumper, and the digital LED headlights have been joined by a full-width LED light bar.


Mercedes’ star insignia is stenciled into the hood to conserve weight and maximize aerodynamic performance. Using a series of air curtains and air breathers, an ‘air management system’ guides air through the front part of the new concept car.

Mercedes has also equipped the EQXX with ‘ninth-generation’ external mirrors and freshly built, aero-optimized wheels. Because there are no drivetrain components in the nose section, the EQXX’s A-pillars are situated well forward, and its wheelbase extends to 2,800mm, maximizing cabin space.

The EQXX uses active aerodynamic improvements previously investigated by Mercedes on the Concept IAA in 2015. A diffuser device is included that automatically expands at speed to smooth airflow and reduce turbulence.

The EQXX is likewise somewhat tapered, with a 50mm narrower rear track than a 50mm wide front track.

The interior:

The huge 47.5-inch continuous display that covers the breadth of the dashboard catches the eye. The display has an 8K resolution and serves as both the instrument cluster (the area in front of the driver) and the entertainment system.


Mercedes has also gone to great lengths to use sustainable materials throughout the cabin. These materials include a fabric composed of bio-steel silk-like fiber, vegan leather manufactured from mushrooms or cactus fibers, and bamboo fiber carpets.

Battery arriving at new aspects

Rather than just making the battery larger and hence heavier, the energy density has been greatly enhanced – to 200 Wh/kg to be exact. This allows the VISION EQXX battery to hold 100 kWh while taking up 50% less area and weighing 30% less than equivalent capacity batteries. State-of-the-art silicon anodes have been utilized in conjunction with ultra-lightweight Formula One materials, for example, to greatly boost battery capacity.

Solar cells on the roof provide extra energy to the electric system, which powers several auxiliary components in the VISION EQXX. This minimizes the high-voltage system’s energy consumption, resulting in increased range. On a single day with optimal circumstances, this can result in up to 25 kilometers of additional range for long-distance travel.

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