Inside PM Modi’s 12 crore luxury car

In this article, we will talk about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s most recent expensive vehicle. PM Modi gets new Rs 12-Crore Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard: All you really want to be aware of it! PM Narendra Modi’s freshest vehicle is the Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard. This Rs 12-Crore in addition to extravagance cantina gets the VR10-level security, and significantly more.


PM Modi’s Mercedes-Maybach S650 Pullman Guard is fit for enduring a 15 kg TNT blast from a distance of two-meter.

The vehicle’s body and windshields are shielded from impacts and slug impacts.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official state automotive model has received a serious update, from various Rover Vogue lookout High-Security Edition and Toyota Land Cruiser to Mercedes-Maybach S650 coach Guard. The armoured car is custom engineered and its body and windows area unit is capable of withstanding blasts and bullets.

On her latest visit, Prime Minister Modi was seen in the new Mercedes-Maybach S650 armoured vehicle at Hyderabad House, where he received Russian President Vladimir Putin. The car was later discovered in the Prime Minister’s motorcade.

The Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard is the most latest facelifted version, and it features VR10 level protection, the greatest level ever offered in a production car.

The armoured bodywork of the Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard is just what makes it so unique. It has an Explosion Proof Vehicle (ERV) rating from 2010, which means it can withstand a 15 kilogramme TNT explosion from a distance of two metres.

This limousine’s cabin is made of polycarbonate, and the lower section is strongly armoured to protect the passengers from explosives. In the event of a chemical attack, a unique air supply mechanism kicks in. A separate and secure communication mechanism is also available. With a seat massager and repositionable back seats, the cabin is not just high-tech but also luxurious.

This car’s gas tank is equipped with a unique safety device. It is coated with a specific substance that, in the event of a puncture, seals the holes automatically. Boeing’s famed AH64 Apache attack helicopters are made of the same material. The Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard is equipped with special run-flat tyres that allow it to flee swiftly.

The power supply for the Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard could be a 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 engine that’s smart to provide 516 bhp of power and a peak force of roughly 900 Nm. Despite the huge weight, it carries thanks to the protecting mechanism, this auto will run at a high speed of 160 kmph.

The history of Indian state cars is pretty fascinating and Mercedes cars get a special place among them. President Ram Nath Kovind uses a Mercedes-Maybach S600 model as his official ride. when turning into the Prime Minister in 2014, Narendra Modi used a BMW seven Series High-Security Edition for some of the years before the change to vary Rover lookout man.

The Special Protection Group (SPG), which normally presents the request for a new automobile, is in charge of the state vehicle procurement process. The SPG assesses if the person they are guarding requires a new vehicle by identifying security requirements. As a decoy, the SPG obtains the same model of vehicle that is utilised in the convoy.

Mercedes just introduced the new S-Class Guard in international markets, so it’s reasonable to assume that a new Maybach Guard is in the works as well.

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