India has the highest passable road in the world in eastern Ladakh

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India Broadcasting Corporation (BRO) has built the world’s best highway at Umlingla Junction in eastern Ladakh. The road is 5,882 feet long and 52 kilometers long. The Umling La Pass Trail follows the address of the Bolivian Road that connects the Uturunku Volcano. A new road above Camp Everest connects the city of Chumar with Eastern Ladakh.

Umling La Pass

The most passable motorway in the world – The Umling La Pass highway is almost 6,300 meters long and has earned the title of the world’s best-selling motorway. It crosses the Bolivian Highway and joins the Uturuncu volcano at 5,953 feet. The Leh Kardangla Pass, once the best trail, is 17,582 feet above sea level. Umling La is above Everest Base Camp, with a base camp in southern Nepal at 17,598 feet above sea level and a base camp in northern Tibet at 4900 feet.

The new road is well above the 17,700-meter Siachen Glacier. The road is also intended to improve the socio-economic situation in the region and develop tourism in Ladakh. Road construction in this remote area of ​​our country is a major challenge. In winter, temperatures are expected to drop to -40 degrees, but at this altitude, the oxygen content in the air is 50% lower than at sea level. This makes the Umling La Pass road a leading engineering company operated by the Border Roads Organization.

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