Honda has confirmed the launch of the City Hybrid in 2023

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Honda Cars India has confirmed that the City Hybrid will enter the market in the next fiscal year. This model was sold overseas earlier this year and is already available in Malaysia. The company said the Honda City Hybrid will launch in India in August 2020 but has confirmed plans to launch the model here.

“We are planning to launch a (city) hybrid car next year,” said Rajesh Goel, director of sales and marketing for Honda Car India, to Autocar India. A hybrid of identified cities in India. 2023 launch delayed due to 1.5-liter COVID-19 gasoline engine connected to two electric motors.

Honda originally prepared to launch the City Hybrid this year. However, COVID-19 and its limitations made us very happy. However, Honda guarantees that it will continue to work to promote “traditional hybrids” in the Indian markets and in cities.

Goel said the company plans to launch the vehicle in India next fiscal year. This means the City Hybrid will be available from March 2022 here. Honda recently started exporting left-hand drive versions from the city to countries such as Mexico and Turkey.

Honda City Hybrid Engine Parts

The City Hybrid features hybrid technology that is also used in Honda i-MMD, the international Honda CR-V Hybrid, and the new generation Honda Jazz sold overseas. Honda Jazz e: Similar to the technology used in the HEV for the international market, the new i-MMD urban hybrid unit consists of two electric motors and an internal combustion engine.

Under the hood of the new City is a four-cylinder petrol engine with a volume of 1.5 liters, 98 hp, 127 Nm, naturally increased Atkinson cycle. The first electric motor, built into the gasoline engine, acts as an integrated starter generator (ISG), while the second drives the wheels. 109 h.p. and 253 Nm of torque are generated by the second unit and transmitted to the front wheels through a special gearbox with one fixed gear ratio.

The hybrid setup can also accommodate three types of vehicles. One of them is just an electric motor. One allows only the combustion engine to operate (the lockup clutch drives the wheels directly), and the third allows both. Simple cities in an urban environment, and driving an electric car on a highway works much better than a gasoline engine.