The BMW C 400 GT Maxi scooter will go on sale in India in October 2021

BMW is a German multinational that produces luxury cars and motorcycles. In this time to produce the scooter, Although the maxi-scooter has a smaller design and size, the motor is smaller. But we still don’t have the first true blue maxi roller. They launch the scooter in India in October 2021.

Although officially ridiculed when first launched, the company has not yet confirmed the name of the new scooter. The new scooter is one of two new mid-size scooters from the BMW C400X or BMW C400 GT Global Collection.

BMW Motorrad recently confirmed on social networks that it will launch soon its first maxi-scooter in India. It turns out that this is the C400 GT.

Specs Features

Standard configurations include full LED brightness, large windshield, keyless start, drive mode, USB charging, Bluetooth-connected TFT display, and traction control. The options menu includes items like hot dials, but it’s still unclear whether all overseas options will reach India. The 350cc single-cylinder engine produces 34hp and 35Nm of coolant and is connected to the CVT.

Despite all this, the C 400 GT is a very expensive product and feels luxurious and luxurious only to the lucky few who want (and can afford) the comfort of a gearless scooter. These satisfied customers get a vehicle suitable not only for city tours but also for intercity use.

BMW C400 GT Expected Price

The C400GT costs about 10 lakh unexpectedly in this price are high. There seem to be a lot of 350cc scooter kits out there, this model also costs 6-7.5 or more. Also, if you want to look beyond the offset numbers, there’s more in the table. If you want to consider the scooter in this price range.

350cc segment many bikes are available in India that bike price is the range like a Royal Enfield, Jawa, Bajaj Avenger, Honda Hness CB350, Suzuki Intruder, Kawasaki Vulcan S is available in India, but this scooter has a very high price. If you consider this bike in this price range. | comment below |

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