Air Products and Cummins have teamed up to accelerate hydrogen fuel cell trucks

Gasoline and diesel vehicles can be produced all over the world. Tesla or many companies already build electric cars in the future, not enough alternate vehicles are introduced in the future, Air Products will build the hydrogen vehicles of the future, and many alternative cars will be built around the world. Air Product and Cummins have teamed up to refuel the truck.

Medium and heavy-duty trucks mainly use internal combustion engines that run on diesel fuel and are the main source of greenhouse gas emissions. Major manufacturers of these vehicles are testing hydrogen fuel cells to produce zero-emission vehicles. Air Products supports these development efforts in many parts of the world by supplying hydrogen refueling stations and refueling stations.

Air Products and Cummins have teamed up to accelerate the root cause of hydrogen fuel cell trucks through accelerated development and deployment. The two sides jointly signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together to accelerate the integration of fuel cell trucks in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Cummins has a track record of supplying hydrogen fuel cell fuels and will use Air Products to integrate with OEM vehicles and begin converting vehicles to hydrogen units.


The announcement follows a pilot project that converted 2,000 trucks to hydrogen fuel based on hydrogen emissions. They will also work together to expand access to renewable hydrogen and develop infrastructure to harness hydrogen mobility as a fuel. “We believe hydrogen is the future of a large segment of the transportation market and can generate global revenue, paving the way for the shift from heavy trucks to hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

Working with Cummins “Fleet Transition Goals Sustainability is Growth Sefiye, President of Air Gasemi said,” Products ensure our sustainability, beyond the zero-emission vehicles we provide to our customers every day, which shape our strategy and create opportunities for growth. ” … Tom Linebarger Cummins, CEO and Chief Executive Officer of Air Products & Chemicals said, “This is another turning point in the migration of hydrogen and energy. We must succeed together with others in developing the technologies of the future. This partnership with Air Products is ours … “he said. CEO Fischer.

Eric Guter, vice president of Hydrogen for Aviation Products, adds that the best way to use a fuel cell vehicle is to put it on the road with high-load applications such as vehicles. He believes that only hydrogen can provide the necessary balance between flight range, fuel delivery times, and carbon mass requirements in the transport sector.

Amy Davis, Vice President and President of New Power at Cummins, said: “We have received a lot of support from the consumer sector, but there is some momentum in the heavy transport industry, especially as battery performance drops dramatically in extreme weather conditions. cold conditions. .. Air Products is the world’s largest hydrogen producer, so you can count on it. A 60-year-old company operating in more than 50 markets.

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