2021 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R audit review

Few moments in life are etched firmly in memory. For example, sitting on an upgraded superbike with more than 200 horsepower and watching the world pass by like a blur. As your brain struggles to keep up with the rapidly changing speed numbers, the howl of food reverberates in your ears, which is a unique avalanche.

Especially something as powerful and easy to use as the new Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R. With a full upgrade in 2021, Kawasaki claims to have improved an already very fast machine. Now, if the desire is a horse, I will fly on the back straight of the BIC instead of feeling trapped in the public highway system. Nevertheless, you must be completely crazy to give up the opportunity to ride a superbike, even if it is on the road. As I discovered, this form of the motorcycle has an irresistible appeal.

External Features:

This motorcycle sport, first of all, is a new face. Kawasaki sparked a discussion about the Kawasaki Ninja H2-inspired front-end on the Internet, as to whether it is just an ugly cut and paste job on the 2021 ZX-10R. I also have my reservations, however, in the real world, this Ninja looks bold and aggressive. I would say to the extreme that he looks very character. The large central intake pipe is flanked by embedded LED headlights, making it threatening.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

This effect is also the result of the protruding chin spoiler under the headlights and the cleverly integrated pipe next to it. These ducts lead-in and exhaust air through the vents on the top of the side cover. This helps to increase downforce at high speeds by 17%, even though the road is not the place to be tested. However, I like the aesthetic simplicity and simplicity of this aerodynamic business on Ninja, rather than the rather ugly winglets seen on this type of superbike.

The titanium alloy exhaust head has turned bright blue on this bike. The fairing also does a pretty good job of directing the hot air in the radiator fan away from the rider’s legs. Moving to the rear, you will see a slightly modified hood, although the triangular LED taillights are similar to the previous model. To me, the new ZX-10R is amazing in every sense, not to mention the cute “Kawasaki Racing Team” color, which adds a lot of appeals.

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Engine, Gear and Exhaust:

In the process of upgrading the ZX-10R’s engine displacement 998cc inline four-cylinder engine to the BS6 standard, Kawasaki has introduced a series of upgrades that have a significant impact on the whole. The maximum power at 13,200 rpm is 203 hp (3 hp more). Coupled with the ram air effect, Kawasaki said this number will rise to 213 horsepower at high speeds. Other changes include a new air-cooled oil cooler to maintain engine performance, as well as improved exhaust and a new remote control system to provide precise throttle input.

But this is not all. Kawasaki also shortened the first, second, and third gears and installed a larger rear sprocket (on the two teeth). The impact of all this is reflected in the new ZX-10R’s easier-to-manage characteristics at city speeds. He managed to keep the third gear at 30 km/h without making any protest noises. Surprisingly, given the excellent performance provided by this engine, heat management in congested traffic is excellent. Speaking of which, a 200hp+ motorcycle is simply a missile with wheels, especially on the road. The BS6 engine produces more power, and improved gear shifts improve handling.

The ninja’s increased absolute ferocious speed, perfect quick shift work. It’s like magic, it’s amazing. When the speed exceeds 10,000 rpm, it will take all your courage, muscle, and mental space to keep the bike; because the horizon seems to be only a few seconds away. This entire sequence of events is accompanied by addictive exhaust notes, which can only be produced by a four-wire engine, and are still loved by many people. What I want to say is that it is crazy to dare to keep the throttle on such a powerful machine, especially on our roads. In other words, the e-pack with the 2021 update is like a superhero, so you won’t be the next stat on the crash board.

Three driving modes (road, rain, sports), IMU-based five-level traction control (two levels more than before), and ABS run seamlessly in the background. Water droplets, ridges, undulating, slippery surfaces, and everything that typical Indian roads throw at you. New Bluetooth TFT, but there is still no standard fuel gauge. Scrolling through the menus on the new Bluetooth-enabled 4.3-inch TFT display, you can preset four separate passenger modes-a new feature in 2021.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

However, this only allows you to set the level of intervention for traction control and whether you want full power or low power, thereby reducing output to around 80%. To be honest, although it barely wiped the surface of the performance barrel, it was enough to make me laugh from ear to ear.

Fresh air-cooled oil cooler:

According to feedback from the Kawasaki WSB racing machine, the new air-cooled oil cooler is a common design on high-performance vehicles. The new oil cooler does not direct the coolant from the radiator to the oil cooler and back to the engine, but uses air cooling and has a separate circuit. The oil is directed from the crankcase on the lower left to the oil cooler, where it is cooled, and then returned to the right. Higher cooling performance helps to improve the performance of the engine at all speeds.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Comfort

Kawasaki made some adjustments this time, installing a longer 8 mm swing arm and lowering its pivot point by 1 mm. The lower triple clamp also results in more fork offset, which further contributes to a longer wheelbase. The result is a super stable motorcycle entering, transiting, and leaving around the corner.

For a 207 kg motorcycle, it feels fast to turn, and it does not require much effort even to change direction. The fully adjustable Showa suspension has an improved internal structure, even in the factory settings, these are sufficient for our chip marking roads. They absorb the ripples in the middle corners well and never have the front part jumped out of the predetermined line.

He is fast, but friendly and tolerant, which explains why it is so easy to move on and get used to it. Having said that, a track like BIC or MMRT is a place where the true potential of the chassis can be realized, and we have added it to our wish list for the future. I will conduct a track-based test on the basis of the economic part, although the manufacturer claims to achieve a huge return of 47mpg, so using a 17-liter fuel tank, in theory, will return an almost unbelievable range of 170 miles.

Single-seater in the Indian market:

Like the Ninja ZX-10RR, the single-seater is the standard Indian specification of the Ninja ZX-10RI, adding the spicy and aggressive image of a super sports motorcycle, adding more fun to sports riding. Ninja ZX-10R is for single use only

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Specification:

No of Cylinders4
Cubic Capacity (cc)998cc
Engine LayoutInline-four
Cooling SystemLiquid-cooled
Max Power (hp @ rpm)203hp at 13,200rpm
Max Torque (nm @ rpm)114.9Nm at 11,400rpm
Transmission (No of Gears)6
Dimensions & ChassisPetrol
Weight (kg)207kg
Wheel base (mm)1450mm
Ground Clearance (mm)135mm
Seat height(mm)835mm
Fuel Tank capacity (lts)17 litres
Front SuspensionUSD fork
Rear SuspensionMonoshock
Front wheel (inch)17
Front Tyre120/70
Rear wheel (inch)17
Rear Tyre190/55
Front BrakeDual semi-floating ø330 mm Brembo discs
Rear BrakeSingle ø220 mm disc
Ex-showroom PriceRs 14.99 lakh (ex-showroom, India)
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